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Fenix a320 help with AP commands

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First, you don't assign these buttons, but you use them for adding compound button assignments to the inc/dec buttons:
    20 alt
    19 vs
    18 hdg
    17 crs
    16 ias
I have shown how to do this for the standard (GA aircraft) in this post: 

I suggest that you first read that and install the provide Rotaties.lua script to allow fast/slow button programming in the rotaries (and trim).

For use with the Fenix A320, you would need to assign the in/dec buttons to the appropriate MF preset. So, for example, for the heading you would probably need to assign to the presets:
and then add a compound button expression so the assignment is only triggered when button 18 (HDG) is set. You can also find appropriate presets for Alt, VS. IAS (Speed), I am not sure what you would assign to the CRS position, or if this is needed.
There are no "fast" versions of these presets, but you can overload the assignments so that 4 or 5 of the standard controls are sent on each fast (virtual) button presses.

For the remaining buttons, you need to decide what AP function these should map to in the Fenix A320, and then select the appropriate control or preset. See the MF HubHob site for available presets for the Fenix: https://hubhop.mobiflight.com/presets/. I don't have the Fenix.



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2 minutes ago, belgiumflightsimpilot said:

Can you tell me or send a screenshot "how can I add a compound button expression so the assignment is only triggered when button 18 (HDG) is set"?

You do this by manually editing/adding the compound conditions to the assignments in your FSUIPC7.ini file. Please see the section COMPOUND BUTTON CONDITIONS on page 21 of the Advanced User guide. Also see the example I gave/referenced for GA aircraft in my previous post.


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fo those of you looking for hdg config on bravo for fenix


58=CP(+D,18)64,0,CPFNX320_FCU_HEADING_KNOB_INC,0    -{Preset Control}-
59=CU(+D,18)64,0,CPFNX320_FCU_HEADING_KNOB_INC,0     -{Preset Control}-
60=CP(+D,18)64,1,CPFNX320_FCU_HEADING_KNOB_INC,0     -{Preset Control}-
61=CP(+D,18)64,2,CPFNX320_FCU_HEADING_KNOB_DEC,0     -{Preset Control}-
62=CU(+D,18)64,2,CPFNX320_FCU_HEADING_KNOB_DEC,0     -{Preset Control}-


Change you index and device letter to your config

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My setup for fenix autho pilot


56=RD,7,CPFNX320_FCU_AP1_PUSH,0     -{Preset Control}-
58=CP(+D,18)(-D,17)(-D,16)(-D,19)(-D,20)64,0,CPFNX320_FCU_HEADING_KNOB_INC,0     -{Preset Control}-
59=CU(+D,18)(-D,17)(-D,16)(-D,19)(-D,20)64,0,CPFNX320_FCU_HEADING_KNOB_INC,0     -{Preset Control}-
60=CP(+D,18)(-D,17)(-D,16)(-D,19)(-D,20)64,1,CPFNX320_FCU_HEADING_KNOB_INC,0     -{Preset Control}-
61=CP(+D,18)(-D,17)(-D,16)(-D,19)(-D,20)64,2,CPFNX320_FCU_HEADING_KNOB_DEC,0     -{Preset Control}-
62=CU(+D,18)(-D,17)(-D,16)(-D,19)(-D,20)64,2,CPFNX320_FCU_HEADING_KNOB_DEC,0     -{Preset Control}-
63=CP(+D,18)(-D,17)(-D,16)(-D,19)(-D,20)64,3,CPFNX320_FCU_HEADING_KNOB_DEC,0     -{Preset Control}-
64=CP(+D,20)(-D,17)(-D,16)(-D,19)(-D,18)64,0,CPFNX320_FCU_ALTITUDE_KNOB_INC,0     -{Preset Control}-
65=CU(+D,20)(-D,17)(-D,16)(-D,19)(-D,18)64,0,CPFNX320_FCU_ALTITUDE_KNOB_INC,0     -{Preset Control}-
66=CP(+D,20)(-D,17)(-D,16)(-D,19)(-D,18)64,1,CPFNX320_FCU_ALTITUDE_KNOB_INC,0     -{Preset Control}-
67=CP(+D,20)(-D,17)(-D,16)(-D,19)(-D,18)64,2,CPFNX320_FCU_ALTITUDE_KNOB_DEC,0     -{Preset Control}-
68=CU(+D,20)(-D,17)(-D,16)(-D,19)(-D,18)64,2,CPFNX320_FCU_ALTITUDE_KNOB_DEC,0     -{Preset Control}-
69=CP(+D,20)(-D,17)(-D,16)(-D,19)(-D,18)64,3,CPFNX320_FCU_ALTITUDE_KNOB_DEC,0     -{Preset Control}-
70=CP(+D,16)(-D,17)(-D,20)(-D,19)(-D,18)64,0,CPFNX320_FCU_SPEED_KNOB_INC,0     -{Preset Control}-
71=CU(+D,16)(-D,17)(-D,20)(-D,19)(-D,18)64,0,CPFNX320_FCU_SPEED_KNOB_INC,0     -{Preset Control}-
72=CP(+D,16)(-D,17)(-D,20)(-D,19)(-D,18)64,1,CPFNX320_FCU_SPEED_KNOB_INC,0     -{Preset Control}-
73=CP(+D,16)(-D,17)(-D,20)(-D,19)(-D,18)64,2,CPFNX320_FCU_SPEED_KNOB_DEC,0     -{Preset Control}-
74=CU(+D,16)(-D,17)(-D,20)(-D,19)(-D,18)64,2,CPFNX320_FCU_SPEED_KNOB_DEC,0     -{Preset Control}-
75=CP(+D,16)(-D,17)(-D,20)(-D,19)(-D,18)64,3,CPFNX320_FCU_SPEED_KNOB_DEC,0     -{Preset Control}-
76=CP(+D,19)(-D,17)(-D,20)(-D,16)(-D,18)64,0,CPFNX320_FCU_VS_KNOB_INC,0     -{Preset Control}-
77=CU(+D,19)(-D,17)(-D,20)(-D,16)(-D,18)64,0,CPFNX320_FCU_VS_KNOB_INC,0     -{Preset Control}-
78=CP(+D,19)(-D,17)(-D,20)(-D,16)(-D,18)64,1,CPFNX320_FCU_VS_KNOB_INC,0     -{Preset Control}-
79=CP(+D,19)(-D,17)(-D,20)(-D,16)(-D,18)64,2,CPFNX320_FCU_VS_KNOB_DEC,0     -{Preset Control}-
80=CU(+D,19)(-D,17)(-D,20)(-D,16)(-D,18)64,2,CPFNX320_FCU_VS_KNOB_DEC,0     -{Preset Control}-
81=CP(+D,19)(-D,17)(-D,20)(-D,16)(-D,18)64,3,CPFNX320_FCU_VS_KNOB_DEC,0     -{Preset Control}-
82=UD,7,CPFNX320_FCU_AP1_RELEASE,0     -{Preset Control}-
83=CP(+A,17)(-A,18)D,0,CPFNX320_FCU_HEADING_KNOB_PULL,0     -{Preset Control}-
84=CP(-A,17)D,0,CPFNX320_FCU_HEADING_KNOB_PUSH,0     -{Preset Control}-
85=CP(+A,17)(-A,18)D,5,CPFNX320_FCU_SPEED_KNOB_PULL,0     -{Preset Control}-
86=CP(-A,17)D,6,CPFNX320_FCU_SPEED_KNOB_PUSH,0     -{Preset Control}-
87=CP(+A,17)(-A,18)D,4,CPFNX320_FCU_ALTITUDE_KNOB_PULL,0     -{Preset Control}-
88=CP(-A,17)D,4,CPFNX320_FCU_ALTITUDE_KNOB_PUSH,0     -{Preset Control}-
89=CP(+A,18)(-A,17)D,0,CPFNX320_FCU_HEADING_KNOB_PULL,0     -{Preset Control}-
90=CP(-A,18)D,0,CPFNX320_FCU_HEADING_KNOB_PUSH,0     -{Preset Control}-
91=CP(+A,18)(-A,17)D,6,CPFNX320_FCU_SPEED_KNOB_PULL,0     -{Preset Control}-
92=CP(-A,18)D,6,CPFNX320_FCU_SPEED_KNOB_PUSH,0     -{Preset Control}-
93=CP(+A,18)(-A,17)D,4,CPFNX320_FCU_ALTITUDE_KNOB_PULL,0     -{Preset Control}-
94=CP(-A,18)D,4,CPFNX320_FCU_ALTITUDE_KNOB_PUSH,0     -{Preset Control}-
95=CP(+A,17)(-A,18)D,5,CPFNX320_FCU_VS_KNOB_PULL,0     -{Preset Control}-
96=CP(-A,17)D,5,CPFNX320_FCU_VS_KNOB_PUSH,0     -{Preset Control}-
97=CP(+A,18)(-A,17)D,5,CPFNX320_FCU_VS_KNOB_PULL,0     -{Preset Control}-
98=CP(-A,18)D,5,CPFNX320_FCU_VS_KNOB_PUSH,0     -{Preset Control}-

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