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Problem Installing FSUIPC 7 MSFS

Mike Franklin

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I am trying to install FSUIPC7 for MSFS and keep getting the error 'cannot determine the location of your UserCfg.opt file'. This is located in my 'C:\Users\Mike\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache' folder. I have read this is something to do with setting environment variables but whilst having read some websites it is still not very clear what I am looking for or what I might need to add. Or if indeed this is the problem? I was hoping someone might be able to advise me getting this installed. I am a long time user of the registered program for fsx but am reluctant to buy the MSFS version until I can get it to install.

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This seems to happen for some users with an Microsoft Store installed version of MSFS, and I do not understand why. The installer looks at that folder, using the %localappdata% environment variable, and if it cannot find the UserCfg.opt file then it reports that error. I think this is related to permissions and the (complicated) series of links that the MS Store version uses, but I cannot do anything about this, as far as I am aware.

This error does not prevent you using FSUIPC7, but prevents two components being installed. If you cannot resolve this issue (sorry, but I am out of ideas as to what causes this) then you can install these two components manually. these are:

1. The FSUIPC7 WASM module. To install manually, first download the WASM module from www.fsuipc.com, or use this link. Extract/unzip the archive, and then  move the fsuipc-lvar-module folder to your MSFS Community folder. That's it.

2. The Auto-Start component, which starts FSUIPC7 automatically with MSFS. This is done by a file called EXE.xml located under the same folder as your UserCfg.opt file. You can either create this manually or add an entry for FSUIPC7 to this file if it already exists. Complete details on the format of this file can be found in this FAQ entry.

36 minutes ago, Mike Franklin said:

I am a long time user of the registered program for fsx but am reluctant to buy the MSFS version until I can get it to install.

I always recommend trying a trial license with FSUIPC7 before purchasing. I can PM you one if interested - let me know.



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Thanks for the reply John. I do have the bulk of MSFS on my E drive which results in some form of shortcut links being created from C and also some form of file compression I think. Maybe as you say that's enough to confuse things. Happy to manually configure the two components as you suggest.

It would be interesting to know if all the people with this problem have installed MSFS to a different drive on install.

Thanks Mike


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