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Sending Control to PMDG 737

Dave March

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Morning John,

Following a reinstall of MSFS (long story) I am now unable to send a control event via my program to the PMDG 737, which worked flawlessly before. So I bypassed my prog and setup an event in FSUIPC to change the MCP altitude. I notice an exception error in the log and wondered if you could shed some light on what might be the cause. 

596453 EV_KEYDOWN received: 0x59 (Y)
   596453 KEYDOWN: VK=89, Waiting=0, Repeat=N, Shifts=0
   596453 FS Control Sent: Ctrl=84137, Param=20000  <84137>
   596453 .. This key is programmed in FSUIPC7 'Keys' options
   596485 Exception 1 "ERROR", Ref 4628, Index param 2 on TransmitClientEvent, object=0, id=84137 (????), data=20000

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Hold fire on this one... I suspect the issue is I'm using a very old version of FSUIPC (7.2.6). How the heck I installed that after the MSFS rebuild I don't know. Anyway, just about to check again with the latest version.

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7 hours ago, captain71 said:

What does the Parameter tab mean? What does it affect and how to use it?

It is the parameter/value that is sent with the control. Some controls take a parameter, others not. The parameter should be pretty obvious many/most controls, but if you do not if an FS control/event tales a parmeter, or what that is, then you will need to look up the event in the Asobo documentation (e.g. see https://docs.flightsimulator.com/flighting/html/Programming_Tools/Event_IDs/Aircraft_Autopilot_Flight_Assist_Events.htm).
For presets, the parameter is used to substitute the parameter placeholder (the '@' symbol or $Param) before sending the preset calculator code and applying it in the FS,
Some Input Events also take parameters (always 64bit floats at the moment) others not - you will need to use logging to determine if a parameter is needed and what the value range of the parameter is.

You also posted in a topic that has nothing to do with your question. Please don't  hijack unrelated topics/posts - create a new one, with an appropriate title, if you have a question unrelated to other posts.


(I also thought i had already responded to this question in a fresh post but can no longer find/see that...)

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