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ipc.CalcCode("code") error (Can't figure out why)


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Dear John,

I am receiving Lua errors on several (or all) ipc.CalcCode("code") statements and can't figure out why. I double checked the ipc code, event syntax and compared the coding to similar code in the events.txt file. Please help.

Following is the log error and Lua code for a couple of examples:

132562 *** LUA Error: C:\FSUIPC7\MSFSLua\DA62_12Keys.lua:68: attempt to call field 'CalcCode' (a nil value)
68                  ipc.CalcCode("1 (>K:SET_STARTER1_HELD)")
128500 *** LUA Error: C:\FSUIPC7\MSFSLua\DA62_12Keys.lua:120: attempt to call field 'CalcCode' (a nil value)
120                  ipc.CalcCode("1 (>K:ENGINE_MASTER_1_TOGGLE)")        
130234 *** LUA Error: C:\FSUIPC7\MSFSLua\DA62_12Keys.lua:149: attempt to call field 'CalcCode' (a nil value)
149                  ipc.CalcCode("1 (>K:ENGINE_MASTER_2_TOGGLE)")    

Sample events I looked are:

PA24_250_Magneto_Both#3 (>K:MAGNETO1_SET)
PA24_250_Magneto_Left#2 (>K:MAGNETO1_SET)
PA24_250_Magneto_Off#0 (>K:MAGNETO1_SET)
PA24_250_Magneto_Right#1 (>K:MAGNETO1_SET)

For the life of me I can't figure out why.


DA62_12Keys.log DA62_12Keys.lua FSUIPC7.ini FSUIPC7.log

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1 hour ago, DaveSCUSA said:

Duh, thank you.

That's why in progtramming one has walksthru. Or better error descriptions in compilers.

Well, the error description is spot on. ipc is a table and "execCalcCode" is a field in this table.. Look at this, both syntaxes are valid:


ipc.execCalcCode("1 (>K:SET_STARTER1_HELD)")

ipc["execCalcCode"]("1 (>K:SET_STARTER1_HELD)")

The error message tells you that there is no table entry with key "CalcCode" (there is no field named "CalcCode") in table ipc.



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