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FSUIPC 7 and Active Sky MSFS


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There is currently no radar or associated functions provided by AS - basically there is no dll and so no dll functions to communicate with AS. This is currently being worked on by AS.

I believe there is a HTTP interface but I cannot find any documentation on this. I have asked AS about this and will take a look and see what is available / possible once I see the documentation and will then get back to you.

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On 5/15/2024 at 7:40 PM, Soundman1 said:

Is there any chance that FSUIPC can get weather/ATIS info from the new MSFS Active Sky?

After the latest AS update, the API documentation is now available in the AS documentation folder (Active_Sky_API.pdf) - could you take a look at this?

I am not sure what information I should request. I would have thought to use the GetCurrentConditions call. However I am not sure how useful this is - it seems to return the first string only from the Conditions tab of the AS UI - i.e. the Metar data. This is what this returns when on the runway at LEVX (Vigo, Spain):

@POS 201348Z 28012KT 250V320 9999 FEW019 SCT024 FEW028 16/10 Q1015 RMK ADVANCED INTERPOLATION

For comparison, this is what the AS UI shows under the Conditions tab:


@POS 201400Z 28012KT 250V320 9999 FEW018 SCT023 FEW027 16/10 Q1015 RMK AS DEPICTED
(Cloned by departure: LEVX)

FEW018 extends to:2134 feet (Cloud type:CU, Turbulence:None, Icing:None, Shear:Gradual, Cloud shape:Flat).  Previous cloud: None, next cloud: SCT023 (Through metar)
SCT023 extends to:2534 feet (Cloud type:CU, Turbulence:None, Icing:None, Shear:Gradual, Cloud shape:Flat).  Previous cloud: FEW018, next cloud: FEW027 (Through metar)
FEW027 extends to:18573 feet (Cloud type:CU, Turbulence:None, Icing:None, Shear:Gradual, Cloud shape:Flat).  Previous cloud: SCT023, next cloud: None (Through metar)

This station has complete visibility information. No interpolation needed
Altimeter interpolation based on:
  -LEST 40nm NE (Q1015), LEVX 2nm SE (Q1015), LPPR 62nm SW (Q1015)
This station has complete Precipitation information. No interpolation needed

NOTE: Clouds, visibility and precipitation reported are the ones from the active cell weather

 The GetMetarInfoAt call using the ICAO LEVX gives the following string:

LEVX 201400Z 28012KT 250V320 9999 FEW019 SCT024 FEW028TCU 16/10 Q1015 NOSIG

I guess I could extract the wind direction/speed, temperature, etc from the Metar string....

Or would the basic weather data (WindDirection, WindSpeed, Temperature, Pressure) at the aircraft position, using the GetAtmoshere call, be sufficient?


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