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C510 Button/Switch Dilemma


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Sorry to bother you again. But I am still struggling with the C510 button and switch assignments.

Even after reading and applying all the replys you have provided, it seems the binding still don't work. I'm sure it's the aircraft and not FSUIPC7, but I can seem to get a handle on why.

I tested the bindings using a simple Mad Catz V.1 Stick. The button assignments are contained in the attached C510.ini.

I have attached 3 log files:
    1. VC Start FSUIPC7.log, the C510 startup using the virtual cockpit switches
    2. VC Shut Down FSUIPC7.log, the C510 shut down sequence using the virtual cockpit switches
    3. Joystick Buttons FSUIPC7.log, the C510 startup using the Mad Catz V.1 Stick

The events register in the log with the joystick as well as the virtual cockpit. But the joystick events do not start the aircraft. I have a limited number of buttons, so I tried to start only 1 engine with the joustick.

I'm not asking you to check my work or assignments, I'm trying to find out why this aircraft does not react to the joystick buttons.

Are there other debug options I should be using? If so could you point me to any documentation that will show how?

There are no presets in Mobiflight for the C510, prehaps no one has found how to preset what events that willl work. As this is the only business jet to use the G1000 suite I can find, I would really like to find out how to bind this aircrafts controls. The axes work fine. I can fly this aircraft as along as I start on the runway.

Thanks for your time, I know it's limited.

VC Start FSUIPC7.log VC Shut Down FSUIPC7.log Joystick Buttons FSUIPC7.log FSUIPC7.ini C510.ini

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Your FSUIPC7.ini file you attached has no profile information at all and no assignments. Your log showed a profile being loaded, so this CANNOT be the FSUIPC7.ini file that was used.
I cannot help if you are not showing me the correct files.

Your log also shows errors which you should correct:


     4422 *** myOffsets.txt: invalid entry - ignored: '0x66C6  2, FUEL TANK SELECTOR:1, I32, Enum'
     4438 *** myOffsets.txt: invalid entry - ignored: '0x66C7  2, FUEL TANK SELECTOR:2, I32, Enum'

Not sure why you are even trying to add these - FUEL TANK SELECTOR:1 is already available in offset 0x0AF8, and FUEL TANK SELECTOR:2 in offset 0c0B22.

You also have issues with assignments to missing devices that you should correct:


A=Alpha Flight Controls
C=Bravo Throttle Quadrant
D=vJoy Device
E=Mad Catz V.1 Stick
0=Mad Catz V.1 Stick

You will have assignments to devices F and N in one or more of your profile files. You will need to update these to the correct letter for the device or remove them. Then delete those two missing joystick entries.

Your Joystick Buttons FSUIPC7.log file also shows that it was attached while FSUIPC7 was still running. Please ALWAYS exit FSUIPC7 before attaching log files.

Your C510 ini also shows that you are assigning to the standard FS events/controls:


0=PE,0,C66241,0     -{TOGGLE_MASTER_BATTERY}-
1=PE,1,C66293,0     -{TOGGLE_AVIONICS_MASTER}-
2=PE,4,C66494,0     -{TOGGLE_FUEL_VALVE_ENG1}-
3=PE,5,C66495,0     -{TOGGLE_FUEL_VALVE_ENG2}-

As I told you two months ago, for the C510 the  battery, avionics and starter all work easily via Input Events - why do you not use these? See  

I don't understand why you are having so many difficulties, and why you are creating so many different posts for the same issue....

Can you PLEASE just use ONE topic for your C510 issues, and not keep creating new topics. I am closing/locking this one now. Please use the other topic (Cockspur C510 assignments too complicated) for all your issues with this aircraft going forward. And please re-read that post again...


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