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  1. Timings are off

    Which Version of MyTraffic are you using. I checked that the flights that you see are not in MyTraffic, As example I do see AA 135 departing to LAX at 13:28 which makes a lot of sense. The first UAL flight in the morning is UAL 929 to ORD at 06:52.So either the schedules are not from MyTraffc 6.0a, or some internal clock settings are wrong in your system.
  2. Installation issue FSX:SE

    YOu find the details of your problem in the installation instruction that comes with MyTraffic. If you find the scenery.cfg file under %programdata%\Microsoft\FSX or %programdata%\Microsoft\FSX-SE depends on the history of your computer. Under Windows 10, enter %programdata% into Cortana und you can browse from there.
  3. Timings are off

    I do not see a flight EGLL-KLAX BA 283 at all in the MyTraffic 6.0a schedule. I see AAL,DAl and UAL flights on that route.
  4. Hamad International Airport issue

    So I looked up the files for you, as I said above delete them: BR2_OTHH.bgl is all the airport, runways, parkings, buildings etc. BR2_OTHH_CVX.bgl is the grass/sand covering the airport. BR2_OTHH_LC.bgl is the landclass file, changing the coast line and relacing the water by terrain. BR2_OTHH_LC_clear 1 and clear 2 are 2 exclusion files to remove the old terrain and coastline. If you have deleted these 5 files, there is nothing in MyTraffic that affects the area, maybe you also want to delete the old airport bgl, no idea what Aerosoft does with it.
  5. Hamad International Airport issue

    That should be the landclass file, or the different landclass files that you have installed there now. I will look up the names of the files.
  6. MT6 Slow Loading Textures

    This brief flashing is built in the models for a good reason. The models use two different textures, a 1024x1024 for the near LODs, and a 128x128 for the far away models - what you see is the switch from the low res to the high res. The reason for this is the following - MyTraffic has a very high numbers of types and that means textures. The total texture bandwidth of FSX is limited, and while textures get loaded any hardware stutters. When a large airport comes into side, it may be 50 or more types, so 100 or more textures that get loaded at once - which leads to a hard stutter for seconds. Using the small textures on far away models reduced this load by a factor of 64, so no stutter due to texture loading there. The textures for the nearby aircraft get loaded at individual times, so again no stutter, the price is this flash.
  7. Duplicate flights

    Same or different aircraft types? The software should not show the same type, the more details are different the more it can happen. In real world, what we call flight numbers ( the flight you can book) are no longer unique, nor are they used for ATC - I found the same flight number used on more than 50 flights a day mainly with Southwest airlines - they report to ATC with alphanumeric flight numbers, something FSX does not support.
  8. Hamad International Airport issue

    What does not work? There is BR2_OTHH.bgl and a few tiny landclass files (wuth OTHH in the file name) to cover the sea with sand, remove them and there is nothing left in MyTraffic that copes with that airport.
  9. To my understanding this is no longer in MyTraffic 6 - we could do so with 2 different sims, but now we have at least 6...
  10. Does the message contain the invalid path? Is it the ..\..\.. thing - look into the installation instructions it is covered there.
  11. MyTraffic 6 Installation Guide Update

    Delete the files MyTraffic\folders.txt and localize MyTraffic FSX again than - my impression is it still is looking at the old location.
  12. Timings are off

    First step, reduce traffic density below 50%. Than all departure times should be real life originated - and the arrival times should be not too far off.
  13. My Traffic 6 Installation

    Where have you been flying with this crash. About the Update, I do not know what it does, if it works properly it will replace the stock FSX airports by modified copies, and than it is a question of scenery priority which ones you use.
  14. No traffic at destination airpot?

    All airports that can support AI traffic should have some, which means they need parkings and comms.
  15. Why do the planes arch when taking off?

    Taht is to my understanding a property of FSX, it one can reduce it by changing the config files I doubt - most trials end with a plane crash.