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  1. Well, most of this is how AI traffic is programmed in FSX, nothing an AI addon can solve. The short landings - that is something that can be changed - but - it is the property of the aircraft. And there are short runways out there where the landings appear rather late (has to do with location and altitude), so without full break they would overshoot - some compromise has to be taken there. About the callsigns, I recommend that you look for EditVoicePack, that has included all the extra callsigns used by MyTraffic.
  2. Monotonous traffic at JFK

    There are not tons of Atlas Air at JFK in MyTraffic, some yes, but it is not the most frequent one, so something must be very wrong on your setup.
  3. Vendors providing payed help ?

    Maybe once I have retired, if my wife allows me... But you speak about thousands of hours going into building such knowledge up, for 10 sales maybe, so the extra cost might easily be 10K$ or more - in a world that buys cheap only...
  4. MyTraffic 6 not working in FSX and P3D!

    It seems to me that P3D makes usage of new video cards - while on CPU it is the same code. My hardware is from 2009 and still working, but no longer well supported by P3D, maybe...
  5. Delete Unwanted Aircraft

    Interesting, could you add the file that you modified? Removal of cargo planes is simple, just move the folder out of the MyTraffic\aircraft folder, the cargo planes have different folders than the passenger planes.
  6. Update

    Sorry no time estimates, the Windows 10 update forced my to redo some basic tools, I'm since spring not in a situation that I can produce what you want and deserve.
  7. No aircraft

    The tool only reports traffic bgl files inside the FSX/P3D scenery structure. I would assume the above files only to affect traffic in a small area, if at all. You could eliminate them as reason by disabling the two addons in scenery library for a moment. Otherwise, there is a MyTraffic 6 not working checklist in the FAQ section, go through this to see what might be wrong.
  8. Request for New Liveries in Next Update

    I added it to the wish list... Extra liveries are very hard to take care of with real world schedules. And we still do not know if the stability issues that we see come from the total number of aircraft exceeding some undocumented limit...
  9. Vendors providing payed help ?

    While I see the necessity for this, I'm afraid there are not many specialists around who have the time to do so. I myself find me totally busy with testing and adopting all my tools to Windows 10 since months, installation and basic testing with the ever changing versions of P3D, so that I rarely find time for this forum, and development of new stuff, while it is clear what is needed, has almost come to halt due to these external issues forced upon me.
  10. Adding a few routes to My Traffic 6.0

    To be cautious, do the following: Make a copy of the 4 traffic bgl files in MyTraffic\scenery - so that you always can go back. Than, using the MyTraffic Editor (MyTraffic.exe) and the actual .myt database, try to just compile this (Create all files and traffic). The result should be practically the same ( a few traffic density values might change since there is a random variation in them). Than make a copy of the actual .myt database, and try to work from that. Next hint, in this copy remove all flights, and - easiest from the airline dialog, only create 2 or 3 flights you want to add. Verify in game they really show up after create all flights and traffic - if they don't try to understand why - FSX does not display all programmed flights. Once you have verified they really work, go back to a copy of the original database and import the few flights into the database (import the small Mycommercialroute.dat), and hopefully they still are there.
  11. LAG

    Is it the startup, or the frame rate. Adjust traffic density slider to your requirement - a concurrent 3.6 GHz processor is not much faster than those when FSX came out in 2007 for FSX.
  12. My Traffic File

    In FSX language, every folder is a scenery folder that contains a subfolder \scenery, so indeed MyTraffic is a scenery folder, NOT MyTraffic\scenery.
  13. My Traffic 6.0 crashes FSX

    This definitively has never been reported. There have been reports by some users on stability issues at the US West Coast, which could not be reproduced by others with the same settings. Try for the moment to rename MyTraffic\scenery\MyTrafficmil.bgl to .bgl.passive if that helps.
  14. Ntdll.dll error update?

    A cure that has often proven to help is the followng: Move half of the aircraft Folders, let us say from F to Z, out of the MyTraffic\aircraft Folder to another location. Restart FSX, fly around, check it doesn't Crash - you still should see all Boeings and all Airbusses. If it works fine now, end FSX(P3D) and move the aircraft back. And it has been reported frequently, I had it with 5.4c, that the crashes went with this. My Interpretation is that there is no Problem inside MyTraffic, but inside the FSX bookkeeping which aircraft to find where. Going from 6.0 to 6.0a, or direct Installation of 6.0a, should not make a difference - the Problem occured sind 5.4c already and could never really be made reproducable. What we could cure was that a few aircraft called textures with names like E195-t.dds, and the files on disk had E195-T.dds - should work since Windows is not case sensitive, but some users reported this fix to remove their crashes - so we might still consider some bugs in graphics drivers. This was all cured with 6.0 already ,resp. in the 5.4c patches.
  15. VATSIM model matching incorrect...

    There had been files for 5.4c in the past afaik, should still exist somewhere with vPilot.