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  1. strange problems, PLEASE HELP!

    AI traffic drops in at 86% loading, not earlier. Problems before are related to scenery.
  2. No AI in P3Dv3 latest version.

    So it is the syntax of simobjects.cfg that is wrong, maybe you post the contents of that file here?
  3. Cessnas are never flying

    A blimp is not in MyTraffic. The GA aircraft from MyTraffic do fly, while they have far longer ground times than the commercial aircraft.
  4. WSSS Singapore

    Thanks for this, looks like WSSS has to be reworked like 1000ds of others have been done - this is 6.0a?
  5. Need help setting up MY Traffic 6

    With FSX AI traffic, 10 minutes bevor the first aircraft moves is almost normal. All aircraft that have been scheduled to be departed are already gone. And if you have ground animation switched on, the next all go through pre clearance, than call the fuel truck, wich may need a minute or four to arrive on large airports, they call the baggage car, etc - it may indeed take 10 minutes until the first moves.
  6. This again is a very complex question. If you have the editor running, you can do the following: Edit the airports that you want more traffic, and increase the scalar from 0.7 to 1.0 - than run a create schedules, files and traffic and you should see about 50% more GA aircraft. But - this requires other airport nearby to be able to take the traffic. If you want really a hell more, then you can do the following: rename MyTraffic\scenery\MyTrafficglobal.bgl to MyTrafficglobal1.bgl. Than make a few minor changes to the database, like the one above, and run a create schedules, files and traffic. Now you should have all the GA traffic as it comes, plus the one you created now, so twice world wide. Of course, you now will have issues with long queues, blockage of taxi ways - nothing simple ...
  7. Live traffic

    We indeed have to completely remove it from the next version - for some time I still hoped we could revive it, but unfortunately I see no way.
  8. FSX Steam edition is a low profile game - Steam does not want you to modify content - therefore the Trafficdatabasebuilder is not included.
  9. MyTraffic 6 Model Matching Error

    I cannot comment on vpilot.
  10. previous version better performance

    Unless you installed to a location that has bad data access (slow disk as example), I wonder a version change could imply anything. Stutters most of the times mean disk access of a too loaded hard disk.
  11. I remember that had been skipped since it added still more complexity...
  12. Traffic Data Bas Bulider

    When, from MyTraffic editor, you export new schedule files, they are made binary using the Trafficdatabasebuilder. These are invoked from the trafficxxxx.bat files that are initiated from the editor, or you can also start them manually.
  13. my traffic professional not able to add on

    That is an old bug of FSX, which we live with since Windows Vista - click onto any white space in the window, and it will be added.
  14. Using the MyTraffic supplied version of the airport, I see Virgin Aircraft - so it must be a feature of the addon airport. Looks like it does not have enough suitable parkings?
  15. The Iberia was a mixup of textures if I remember right, wasn't this reolved with the 6.0a update? Malaga I have to check.