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  1. Ntdll.dll error update?

    A cure that has often proven to help is the followng: Move half of the aircraft Folders, let us say from F to Z, out of the MyTraffic\aircraft Folder to another location. Restart FSX, fly around, check it doesn't Crash - you still should see all Boeings and all Airbusses. If it works fine now, end FSX(P3D) and move the aircraft back. And it has been reported frequently, I had it with 5.4c, that the crashes went with this. My Interpretation is that there is no Problem inside MyTraffic, but inside the FSX bookkeeping which aircraft to find where. Going from 6.0 to 6.0a, or direct Installation of 6.0a, should not make a difference - the Problem occured sind 5.4c already and could never really be made reproducable. What we could cure was that a few aircraft called textures with names like E195-t.dds, and the files on disk had E195-T.dds - should work since Windows is not case sensitive, but some users reported this fix to remove their crashes - so we might still consider some bugs in graphics drivers. This was all cured with 6.0 already ,resp. in the 5.4c patches.
  2. VATSIM model matching incorrect...

    There had been files for 5.4c in the past afaik, should still exist somewhere with vPilot.
  3. MyTraffic in P3D v 3.3.5

    Fine, thanks Flavio. If it is too crowded, reduce the traffic density slider.
  4. bak extension on MT6 airport .bgl file.

    That is the main reason, indeed. Using stock airports, only about 35 or so of them have parkings above 23 m radius, so only these 30 airports can display 767,777,787,747,A330,A340,A380 series aircraft. A second reason is enabling of usage of more than one runway for AI. Third is quite a bunch of all new or modified airports. If there is no Shezhen airport, the local airlines will not fly and the international ones cannot show a flight to that airport.
  5. MyTraffic in game help

    It should be realistic, what are you lacking? Isn't Frankfurt full of Lufthansa and London full of British Airways to start with ( or take any other hub).
  6. Delete Unwanted Aircraft

    That is the air file, not the cfg file...
  7. MyTraffic 6 not working in FSX and P3D!

    Indeed that is strange, since I have massive performance problems with P3D (even before Installation of MyTraffic).
  8. MyTraffic in game help

    Yes that is fine. 50% is aklso a good starting point. If you not see any AI traffic now, it is very likely another addon contains an incompatible traffic bgl in FS8 data format, which blocks FSX AI traffic.
  9. Traffic included in South America

    Thanks, the fleets I can see myself - but I do not paint aircraft I have no schedules for :) As far as I know, the most busy airport in Bolivia is SLLP, and Flightaware shows 7 daily departures from there.
  10. MT 6.0b things to consider

    It is in the making, unfortunately technical problems make estimates difficult.
  11. bak extension on MT6 airport .bgl file.

    Thanks, whatever AI traffic does on an airport is programmed into the airport, so if you do not use the MyTraffic ones it is the responsibility of the third party to have things working properly.
  12. Ntdll.dll error update?

    I wish I could contribute - I have flown hundreds of hours in the western US now, on FSX Acc, FSX SE, P3DV3 and never got any crash.
  13. I am looking for direction

    There is a tool provided with MyTraffic to assist you on that, calles search for traffic bgls. Other than taht, look into the addon airports scenery folder, traffic bgls typically are called traffic* or trf* or similar.
  14. Delete Unwanted Aircraft

    Did you open the .cfg file, that is plain text, or the .air file which is indeed a binary?
  15. MyTraffic in game help

    provides you with some checks that help to identify where there might be a problem. Please provide more information what is going on based on this, than we can help you.