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  1. Thanks for sharing this :)
  2. I have to dig on my backups if it still is anywhere....
  3. Than this should be used by MyTraffic. Maybe you can post a screen shot of what you see?
  4. The lower quality models and textures were in MyTraffic 5, so the only way I see is to use the last 5.x version.
  5. With any hardware built after 2008 there is no difference left between any models, all CPU goes into moving the aircraft around. This was of importance when GPUs had one GB of RAM. Therefore this complication has been removed from MyTraffic, since it contributed to instabilities too. Sorry the manual has not been changed in that point...
  6. Editvoicepack to my understanding no longer has the option to show missing callsigns, so it might be necessary to look into the traffic explorer from traffic toolbox to identify. Some of the missing signs can be found to just be spelled slightly different, for FSX Speed Bird is another callsign than Speedbird. If you find anything like this, please share it with us.
  7. Yes, but I'm working :)
  8. The C172MX folder only contains ths sound files, because the other single piston engine aircraft refer to this. I cannot look up from here, but I seem to remember also FSX no longer has the 172, only the 182? Maybe you have an incomplete C172 somewhere?
  9. Fine it works, and yes that was the right file. It tells me that you should treat your FSX-SE as FSX, not as FSX-SE :)
  10. There must have been some computers down in the UK when the final data for 6.0a were collected. Unfortunately I cannot build new schedule sets easily, since I moved all my development and test site to windows 10 and still am busy to rebuild the tools from scratch so that they work under Windows 10, which is really a lot of work :(
  11. Hm, it has been proven years ago that MyTraffic is not the reason of any reproducable crashes. But it also has been observed that crashes get far more likely with MyTraffic installed, less likely with the military bgl off, mostly at the US West coast.. We currently have a glance of an idea what might be a reason and are testing this to not cause new problems, if these tests hold I will publish a potential fix here on this forum. Fingers crossed.
  12. In the sim, for a moment disable the "advanced animations". Does this cure the stop? That would point to the moving jetways.
  13. Yes, up to now we do not know what steps you made exactly in which order to see if you missed one. In short, I would recommmend that if you make a change to the database, you than run a full "Create schedules, files and traffic", that saves you some reading of the single steps you have to do....
  14. That is a new problem. Do you have full access to the MyTraffic folder. Maybe you pst the little file folders.txt here so that we can see if that is OK.
  15. If you make changes in the database, you than have to run the "Create all files and traffic" to export this to the sim. I hope the next version will be be based on more reliable data, not working of data links, data subscriptions etc. are a major concern.