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  1. shyguyseattle


    I was just at SeaTac this morning picking up my mom from anchorage and I saw all the plans as I drove up to curb pickup that were at the Alaska gates they all had the new paint livery so that photo you say you took was probably one off of the internet as that It sounds like who ever is doing the updating has gotten lazy and just doesn't want to do the work
  2. shyguyseattle


    oh and also if you look at there flight schedule for Alaska Airlines it is saying the aircraft type is also the 737-800 and 900 which have the new livery
  3. shyguyseattle


    well they need to be updated because I have seen the new liveries on the planes already at SeaTac international airport and the planes were not the airbus garbage planes they were the Boeing 737-800 and I saw a 737-900 also
  4. shyguyseattle


    in real traffic and real color the livery is wrong because any plane that is not a 737 800 or a 737 900 rather below these aircraft don't have the new livery yet but the 737 800 and 737 900 do have the new livery so there needs to be a update for this with real color for all the airports as well as real traffic to also the planes that they took over from virgin America do and Alaska airlines ceo said that they plan to buy 38 boeing 737 Max-9 and are going to cancel the orders that virgin America had for the airbus neo
  5. shyguyseattle


    yeah the 737 800 and 900 should look like that right well in my Tower 3D pro they don't for some reason
  6. shyguyseattle


    what do I have to do so I can update my nygeres then I thought what I had to do was to update my real traffic by redownloading it from my email with the code that was sent with the download in the email
  7. shyguyseattle


    maybe I am doing something wrong then because the livery for all my Alaska airlines planes don't have that
  8. shyguyseattle


    let me ask you this then is there a way to change all the planes to a Boeing 737Max-8 or a Boeing 737Max-9 also I hate Airbus
  9. shyguyseattle


    one of those planes is a airbus plane and one is actually the new 737 max - 8 but Alaska isn't getting the max-8 now they have upgraded those to be the Max-9
  10. shyguyseattle


    no I want that livery on my Tower 3D pro man it sucks having the old ones and isn't realistic
  11. shyguyseattle


    that is not the 737-800 or 900 dude those planes are only the airbus planes that use to be virgin America there are Boeing 737-800 and 900 that Alaska has that are not painted that way in tower 3D Pro for each airport you only have the old livery for those planes so you need to update real traffic to have those livery for these planes to
  12. shyguyseattle


    the Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-800 and the Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-900 both have the new Livery to what you are looking at was back in jan dude these planes have the livery and I will ague this to the supreme court if I have to along with the planes that they took over from virgin America
  13. shyguyseattle


    and they are even saying on there website that they have
  14. shyguyseattle


    dude your wrong they have painted all there planes now to look that way ok I live in Seattle and I have seen them there are no old colors on any of there planes they are all colored in the new colors
  15. shyguyseattle


    hey I found some photos of the new Livery for Alaska Airlines on their planes the photos I have are for the 737 800/900 and the 737 Max-8 and 737 max-9 also I think the one with Mt. Rainier in the back ground is at Paine field and the one that is at a airport is at SEATAC international Airport it would be cool to have this in the real traffic for tower 3D Pro https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=lcmTIs0p&id=A68F2C4934ADAF7513EED1A2B37BCAE1EA4BA1EA&thid=OIP.lcmTIs0ptZYHZ_cnSGeeIQHaEO&mediaurl=http%3A%2F%2Fimgproc.airliners.net%2Fphotos%2Fairliners%2F1%2F9%2F2%2F3938291.jpg%3Fv%3Dv4de939d0afb&exph=743&expw=1300&q=Photos+of+alaska+airlines+new+737+MAX-9+&simid=608001873573842645&selectedindex=26&ajaxhist=0 and https://www.alaskaair.com/content/travel-info/our-aircraft/737-800 https://www.alaskaair.com/content/travel-info/our-aircraft/737-900

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