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  1. Thank you so much for the heads up. May I ask the community who use Steam to report back to us? Thank you Vic
  2. Where did you buy RT and RC?
  3. Tower!3D Pro does not learn your voice. It was true for T!2011 and Tracon!2012 but since their SE version they don't need to be trained either. Thanks Vic
  4. It will be a compatibility upgrade only.
  5. I'm not saying KBOS is the next release after KLAS... but KBOS is the next release after KLAS :)
  6. Thanks for the info, it's noted. Vic
  7. Let me drop the hint to Gary and Gabor :) We are pretty busy with two unreleased airports :)
  8. In your Windows OS
  9. I loved BAO's Tower too :) KDCA was my favorite! Vic
  10. John, Is it possible something is running in the background? Vic
  11. Methos, I would recommend checking video card drivers, etc because I test on a 3 years old Alienware laptop and the only performance issue I experienced (although it was still managable) was at KATl at busy times. Vic
  12. Dear Folks, Let me show you some work in progress without commenting it :) Vic
  13. Folks, A simple question; do you guys play tabletop games? Like Monopoly, RPG, wargames. Vic
  14. Is it T!2011 or T!2011:SE? Where, when did you buy KATL?