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  1. Folks, We didn't touch the voice recognition for the SP so it's not the software. Please make sure you make a clean install of the SP instead of installing over an existing Tower install.
  2. We were notified by BMT as well. I would think it's a small glitch somewhere as I personally checked and the files are associated with the product. Knowing how reliable BMT is I would suspect they will fix it very soon (also we sold many copies of this add-on and as far as I know only 2 people reported it to them). The issue is noted and we are in the loop too so it will be (or already) fixed. Thank you for the understanding Vic
  3. We just received and uploaded the latest Nyerges RT and also RC for KATL for both feelthere.com and atcsuite.com Please update your files. Thank you Vic
  4. To be perfectly honest (and some may call it unprofessional) we put an extra effort into KATL due to the excitement here on this forum :) As developers we could be all distant and corporate but we are human too. Who followed us in our soon to be 15 years know we always appreciated the fun environment and we always wanted to be personal with you guys. We appreciate it a lot, without you guys it would be just a job. Thank you Vic
  5. As far as I know they are in touch with one of the key schedule maker of this forum and also trying to make the schedules more up to date.
  6. Dear Controllers, The waiting is over. The world's most busiest airport KATL is released and is available for Tower!3D and Tower!3D Pro. Please note: SP2 for Tower!3D Pro and SP3 for Tower!3D is required. The same thing applies; it will need the very latest Real Traffic from Nyerges Design which should be out pretty soon. From this point there will be no separate release for Pro and non Pro for any of the add-ons only one that is compatible with both. Thank you Vic & Co
  7. Andrew, I wonder if you perhaps spend more time here instead of launching your Tower!3D. Maybe a surprise is waiting for you inside... :) Vic
  8. Did you follow the instruction that we included in the announcement and was repeated in this topic too?
  9. Andrew, When I saw Wayne's reply I got excited maybe the community will celebrate FeelThere's 15th birthday (yes, we will be *that* old in July) by a little surprise such as a business jet with the feelThere logo on it's tail sent to me... I guess I will have to settle with a 4th of July barbecue again for celebration :) Oh well let's release Atlanta asap and forget about this disappointment :) Vic
  10. :) Let me update you guys about KATL; we found a nasty bug on Monday and we believe we nailed it by today. We will run one more round of testing and release it as fast as we can. Sorry for the delay but the bug was pretty bad, I'm sure it would've ruined the gameplay. We are still shooting for this week. Thank you Vic
  11. You guys are killing us :) But I appreciate all these comments, it's so refreshing after replying the other topics. Andrew, I think now it's time to post a photo of myself to prove that you are wrong about the number of my ears. It's clearly visible I have just the right amount of ears.
  12. This is not possible for Tower!2011.
  13. Currently it is not possible.
  14. Did you post your log file? Vic
  15. If everything goes as planned then the first half of next week :)