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  1. Done ! Reworked the schedule and airline txt files, started computer and Tracon again and there it was. Still do not know the reason. Strange bot ok :)
  2. Hi I succeeded in replacing the default names of the airlines, i.e.instead of MAX1234 I have now DLH1234. This is also shown in the data strips, and the pilot correctly says LUFTHANSA1234. When I call the aiplane with LUFTHANSA1234, my command is not recognized. I can give commands only by keyboard inputs. Anyone has an idea what I have to do that spoken names are recognized ? THX
  3. Great, picture was not aken, so once again
  4. Hi Indeed, finally found it, it was the text to speech setting. Shown below the correct setting. Thanks for that hint. Bye
  5. Hi I installed Tracon!2012 on Win10 in the german environment, switched it to US english and in principle, voice recognition is working. Pilots sentences however are not plain english, it seems that the computer tries to read english words with german pronounciation. That sounds quite terrible and is hardly to understand, especially the ac call signs. Any idea how to repair that ?
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