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  1. If you don't mind I can offer to look at the schedule.txt and airports.txt concerned. Regards fracasado
  2. Hello Ty, two things I've found in the log: Many entries saying: Unknow airport: xxx (IATA) ICAO not found! I've had lots of them in my logs too. Here a link to my post (in this forum) on how to find a solution: log entries: unknown airports - icao not found What looks strange to me and what I did never observed so far in my logs is the STRING ERROR: When Tracon loads the database files there seems to be a problem with the timetable data. So I suppose to take a look at your schedule.txt . Something seems to be wrong with it. Look for strange characters, unnece
  3. Just tried Schedule Creator for the first time. It works very well. I'd like to mention that it works for TRACON too, not only for Tower. Thank you for providing us with this excellent tool! Regards fracasado
  4. ... finally, testing is completed. If you like you may check the results of my work here: EDDS/STR Stuttgart Approach for Tracon!2012 - Sector completed Regards fracasado
  5. I completed the creation of an approach sector for EDDS/STR (Stuttgart, Germany). It is available as freeware. Requirements: This add-on sector requires an installed version of feelThere's TRACON!2012, and Real Traffic for TRACON!2012 by Nyerges Design Please check the ReadMe file for limitations and further information. Regards fracasado stuttgart_for_tracon2012.zip ReadMe_STG_v1_01.txt
  6. Status Update: After quite some time I was able to continue my work with the sector: modified / corrected airspaces assignments to get a more realistic sectorization added minimum vector altitudes and obstacles to the radar map added restricted areas EDR132 and EDR207 to the radar map added additional runway centre line markings added some more flights to the schedule : AIRPORT STAT: - EDDS - ALL airplanes: 588 Active: 588 Active approach: 294 Active departure: 294 solved issue concerning no runway pair found for -[runway direction] st
  7. Missing airports can be added manually into airport.txt using a text editor. But you need to pay attention to the format of your changes. see also this link: http://forum.simflight.com/topic/80381-tower-2011-having-issues-reading-icao-codes-from-airport-txt/ or this one: http://forum.simflight.com/topic/79749-unknow-airport-xxxiata-icao-not-found-entries-logged-in-gamelog/ Regards fracasado
  8. I just had a look into my installation/configuration. I did only found 15 valid airport to STAR allocations related to the Miami sector! So the schedule Craig used to test wouldn't work well with my installation either, because there are many airport allocations missing which define the STARs (or SIDs) to be used for a specific flight (at least in my installation). I'd like to recommend to check the SID/STAR allocation entries related to KMIA in the file sidstar_cfg.txt. The (probably missing) airports from the test schedule posted above can be added manually by using a text edito
  9. Same thing with Tracon!2012. Took me a long time to get my airports.txt with additional airports to work. Here s some of my observations: less than 2 space characters at beginning of each line in airports.txt -> Tracon logs: UNKNOWN AIRPORT: XXX(IATA) ICAO NOT FOUND! Flights to or from that airport do not appear in the sim, SID/STARs not allocatedless than 15 space characters between the Country and the first coordinate -> my version of Tracon did crashSo I had to make sure each line of airports.txt does start with 2 space characters. Further I did insert at least 20 spaces between
  10. In case you might want to change aircraft performance data wit Airplane Editor you may find some useful information here (external link) http://www.skybrary.aero/index.php/Category:Aircraft Regards fracasado
  11. Hello Aquince, I remember having had frozen or extremely slow moving aircraft some time ago. In my cases the log showed no particular error message but the aircraft speed logged was in the range between 0 and 5 knots only. In 707FAN's post above Kev M indicates that the problem might be related to the files airplanes.txt (as it is named with my installation of Tracon) and to the file schedule.txt I do agree with his suggestion. I could solve my problems by checking that every aircraft type used in schedule has an corresponding entry in airplanes database. I did detect aircraft t
  12. I believe there might be a need to share the schedule.txt, airports.txt, airlines.txt, aircraft.txt too. If one (the user of the shared sector) does not amend/update the database files Tracon might not generate flights as expected, aircraft might not move, SIDs and STARs are not allocated correctly or Tracon simply might crash. You may try it by yourself by checking the game.log I can't think of another way to do it. Sometimes it is necessary to deviate from real live in order to get it to work in Tracon. Regards fracasado
  13. I don't now if the information is still valid overall, but it may help you http://www.ivao.de/fileadmin/edgg/Sonstiges/GatevergabeEDDF.pdf One statement to the buses: Some smaller aircraft are by normal procedure not parked directly at the terminal gates but on the apron e.g. Dash8, Embraer 135, 145, 170, Canadair Regional Jets 100,200,700,900, BAE 146,RJ70,RJ85,RJ100, ATR 42,72, ATP, Dornier 328, Fokker 50 Passengers for such aircraft are bussed to/from the respective terminals/concourses Regards fracasado
  14. Status Update: testing continues with: an improved radar map more flights (currently 272 active arrivals and departures) cleaned up database files (typing errors corrected and/or mispelled data removed) added some more aircraft types (mainly business jets) modified and improved aircraft performace data modified airlines.txt New observations/issues: airplane dropped (no useable runway), no single events - to be analysed, sudden loss of all runways during a running scenario, no departures and no arrivals anymore, but Tracon does not crash no runway pair found for -[runway direction] -
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