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  1. pete firstly, I continue to use your blended "direct" steering tiller / rudder assigning along with RBL successfully ... with the ngx on P3D4. the ambition for the discussed lua was initially to "mimic" this same behaviour using the separate P3D4 steering (tiller) & rudder set axis for reasons that have now become inappropriate. yes, FSX doesn't blend pedal nosewheel steer & pedal rudder control, but P3D4 i believe does almost well enough ..... well enough not to interfere with i'm thinking if you can "manage" excess pedal nosewheel steer at low (<20kt) groundspeed. one day (though unlikely soon) i might try the airbus addons which "recommend" using P3D4 assignments & but provide limited low speed pedal nosewheel deflections. for now thanks for your time in this. i'm busy "trialling" AIFreezer & will "report" soon (if that's okay) cheers john
  2. pete apologies for the late reply ..... I've been more interested / busy "testing" your AIFreezer.lua & have not had a chance to test the attached (as an [Auto]). your notes will be helpful if I'm on the right track or not. I do however after more observations without the attached believe such a lua might interfere unnecessarily with P3D4's blending of pedal nw steer & rudder control which seems to be an improvement on fsx's pedal blends .... and indeed is a plus for your "direct" options as much as with 65696 (though the later is deflecting pedal nw steer a tad too much at the slowest speeds) cheers john rudscale.txt
  3. pete seems so ..... if looking at state shown by PATC. Maybe an enhancement is to add a "zapper" when crossing the threshold (using 31E4) to clear any TaxiOut or TaxiIn stuck on the runway ! john
  4. using fsuipc5.141e / wideclient 7141 / trafficlook 1650 / P3Dv4.3 / W764 ...... unzipped trafficlook folder aside wideclient outside program files & on main c:\ drive. no rush, enjoy off-line .... as before, I was keen to see what state crossing runways was (@ ksfo for example, traffic departing 28R cross the 28's to taxiway E from the terminals, so freezing might stop an aircraft mid runway whilst I'm on final .... but have zapper ready anyway & / or tweak afcad for 28L only departs). john
  5. but there is the problem ..... i am not getting a screen display with said menu (on my client). the application file is only 17kB ?? john
  6. pete now there's a challenge, imagination certainly, lua ingenuity dubious as you know ..... so decided to "try" TrafficLook" but no joy, don't see "anything" nor a user guide to check (wanted to understand what states apply crossing runways both before & after) the attached shows there's a connection but no "ini" is created in my TrafficLook folder. Your advice please. john WideClient.log
  7. & apologies plus thanks john
  8. pete apart from the discussion in this topic ....freezing !! john
  9. pete I've been reading your notes here & at the P2ATC forum re a lua .... "I'm supplying a Lua plug-in example with the release which freezes them when the gear is lowered on approach (or, for fixed gear aircraft, full flaps are engaged), and releases them on touch down". I am unable to find it in 5.141e example's or her ... you advice please. john
  10. typo or ... ? whichever, 'tis always pleasant to read good news in the morning. thanks pete & roland for your efforts while I slept. john
  11. but it seems not for me (if exporter not present) ..... makerwys post 4.85 only reads P3D's scenery.cfg.
  12. pete all seems correct in that .. but let me confirm what I do / see ...... LSE is not used directly by me, it just needs to be parked beside makerwys for a proper compile of makerwys_scenery etc. For me post 4.85, that only reads the main scenery.cfg. It is not a "problem" that it does / doesn't for me (as I check the data compiled), it is just that users of PATC for example may or may not have data about addons they think they have. John
  13. tried, but still the same .... need both Lorby'sSceneryExporter.exe" as well as the Addon Organiser. john
  14. Pete I continue to struggle to find the "correct" script" for my little idea ....... but 7 years ago you wrote " (i.e a simple newval = (ipcParam - 16384) / 8 ), then sends it on as the parameter ...." at axis range. Is this the way forward for me, say "newval = ipcParam / 8 and written by 3114 for 3110 as above. Hope it is, John.

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