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  1. pete firstly, I continue to use your blended "direct" steering tiller / rudder assigning along with RBL successfully ... with the ngx on P3D4. the ambition for the discussed lua was initially to "mimic" this same behaviour using the separate P3D4 steering (tiller) & rudder set axis for reasons that have now become inappropriate. yes, FSX doesn't blend pedal nosewheel steer & pedal rudder control, but P3D4 i believe does almost well enough ..... well enough not to interfere with i'm thinking if you can "manage" excess pedal nosewheel steer at low (<20kt) groundspeed. one day (though unlikely soon) i might try the airbus addons which "recommend" using P3D4 assignments & but provide limited low speed pedal nosewheel deflections. for now thanks for your time in this. i'm busy "trialling" AIFreezer & will "report" soon (if that's okay) cheers john
  2. pete apologies for the late reply ..... I've been more interested / busy "testing" your AIFreezer.lua & have not had a chance to test the attached (as an [Auto]). your notes will be helpful if I'm on the right track or not. I do however after more observations without the attached believe such a lua might interfere unnecessarily with P3D4's blending of pedal nw steer & rudder control which seems to be an improvement on fsx's pedal blends .... and indeed is a plus for your "direct" options as much as with 65696 (though the later is deflecting pedal nw steer a tad too much at the slowest speeds) cheers john rudscale.txt
  3. pete seems so ..... if looking at state shown by PATC. Maybe an enhancement is to add a "zapper" when crossing the threshold (using 31E4) to clear any TaxiOut or TaxiIn stuck on the runway ! john
  4. using fsuipc5.141e / wideclient 7141 / trafficlook 1650 / P3Dv4.3 / W764 ...... unzipped trafficlook folder aside wideclient outside program files & on main c:\ drive. no rush, enjoy off-line .... as before, I was keen to see what state crossing runways was (@ ksfo for example, traffic departing 28R cross the 28's to taxiway E from the terminals, so freezing might stop an aircraft mid runway whilst I'm on final .... but have zapper ready anyway & / or tweak afcad for 28L only departs). john
  5. but there is the problem ..... i am not getting a screen display with said menu (on my client). the application file is only 17kB ?? john
  6. pete now there's a challenge, imagination certainly, lua ingenuity dubious as you know ..... so decided to "try" TrafficLook" but no joy, don't see "anything" nor a user guide to check (wanted to understand what states apply crossing runways both before & after) the attached shows there's a connection but no "ini" is created in my TrafficLook folder. Your advice please. john WideClient.log
  7. & apologies plus thanks john
  8. pete apart from the discussion in this topic ....freezing !! john
  9. pete I've been reading your notes here & at the P2ATC forum re a lua .... "I'm supplying a Lua plug-in example with the release which freezes them when the gear is lowered on approach (or, for fixed gear aircraft, full flaps are engaged), and releases them on touch down". I am unable to find it in 5.141e example's or her ... you advice please. john
  10. Pete I continue to struggle to find the "correct" script" for my little idea ....... but 7 years ago you wrote " (i.e a simple newval = (ipcParam - 16384) / 8 ), then sends it on as the parameter ...." at axis range. Is this the way forward for me, say "newval = ipcParam / 8 and written by 3114 for 3110 as above. Hope it is, John.
  11. pete yes, you were correct. what was needed was.... ipc.writeSD(0x3114, 10000) ipc.writeSD(0x3110, 65696) But then I felt defeated after succeeding with that script only to find it was a fixed position input to the rudder not the change of the axis range I was looking for (my so called rudscale) & then not finding an offset that might (with FSInterrogate2std) ie changing for example as speed varies "11=ER,256,F,65696,0,0,0,*0.9" to "11=ER,256,F,65696,0,0,0,*0.2" whichever, if there was a way, it would only be of likely value if a user found his aircraft had "conflicts" with your "direct to" / mgs / rbl such as those who don't have a separate tiller but would like to use their one & only twist axis for "pedal nosewheel steer" with varying deflections (70o <15kts, 7o otherwise). again thanks for your time & 5.141e. john
  12. pete thanks ...... DU animations now showing correctly. john
  13. I'm guessing that was when I used the tiller particularly towards the end of the log. When you released 5.123c, full deflection was seen on the lower DU, but not with 5.14 when you adjusted the speed calc (as I mentioned last week) (?) I could not find reference in your SDK etc. of the 3114 offset ...... but I've tried to no avail simply the attached as a starter (in Auto, Assigned etc.) rudderscale.zip thanks john
  14. pete attached the ngx logging + profiles for the direct & sim options ideas. it seems I should be able to write a speed contolled lua based on offset 3110 if I can come to grips with the ipcwrite syntax for 2 different axis scales ! john FSUIPC5sim.log b737sim.ini FSUIPC5direct.log b737direct.ini & to mention, in each 2 abandoned take-offs from the same runway in opposite directions after a controls check & some tiller steering for the turnback & off the runway after the 2nd.
  15. pete thanks ..... time is an issue at the moment though it does not stop this "novice" pondering how to use a Lua to change the calibration (scaling) of the same axis. Should be able to do the ngx logging mid week. john
  16. Pete Further to the above, I have been reading your "advanced user guide" & have successfully set and used the P3DV4 rudder set (65696) with a 0.2 scale to limit noswheel & rudder control to about a 15o deflection. But now I would like to set a condition similar to those mentioned p24 of that guide for buttons to allow axis full defection either at low speed similar to the RBL & / or a simple button toggle that in effect replaces the axis assignment in full or sets a 0.95 scale for example. I couldn't find an example to follow re format/syntax for an axis though found offsets reading ground speed in the your SDK. Your advice / thoughts appreciated. John
  17. pete just did a flight in the ngx / fsuipc 5.14 (RBL=1) ..... all's well control wise & as expected except I don't see any animations on the lower DU during controls check. will do some more tests & report. cheers john PS .... further "tests" confirm, the animations in the cockpit are as they were before RBL (ie tiller shows movement, not the rudder, during controls check).
  18. pete I believe you are correct in that, but I thought it of minimal consequence. for all, I think we need to in the first instance mention what "aircraft" one is talking of (they are all subtly different in the real & in the sim) & to remember the tiller is for nosewheel steering (not rudder input) but that the pedals are for both nosewheel steering & rudder control (the later essentially above 40kts) .... and that fsupic's blend of pedal use has nothing to do with tiller deflection and that the blend limit solely stops pedal nosewheel steering (but allows rudder deflection for a controls check) at <1 or 2kts (no sim allows this without a feature such as pete's yet also appropriately blends pedal rudder/pedal nws in takeoff/landing) ....... @ 5kts, pedal nosewheel steering is a maximum of 7o but the tiller allows 80o. that's as best I know it ...cheers to all john
  19. of course pete ....... it's those curious PATC controllers that keep asking if I'm ready to go ?? john ps .... finally found the attached about the airbus320 etc. it will be interesting to see what aerosoft offer this week on their P3DV4 release, given P3D4's inclusion of a "steering set" axis assignment. nws.pdf rudder.pdf
  20. pete many thanks for the 5.132c release ....... did a startup, taxi & a few RTO's with fsuipc tiller / rudder direct (MSS Q0,30,0,60) ....... cockpit animations, controls check, limited pedal nws & rudder control blend spot on. but as you forecast, tiller nws during taxi (moving) still deflects the rudder ..... but whose watching (though i'll set RBL=5/10 to see whatever) !! i'll give your update a mention at the pmdg forum ... I'm sure there'll be more than a few use / appreciate it. cheers john
  21. Pete Thanks again for your notes. To clarify, my original "lament" is solely the fact that in the NGX the animations (not the effect) on the ngx responding to fsuipc direct tiller / rudder axis are incorrect .... & that I thus can't check the rudder moves with pedal input (including that my pedals are in working order). MaxSpeedSet is as intended & observed to limit pedal nosewheel steer. But having noted the inclusion in P3D43 of "steering (tiller steer) set" / "rudder ( nosewheel steer / rudder control) set" axis' and setting those with fsuipc to sim, the NGX animations are correct but I need to be careful that I don't oversteer with pedal nosewheel steering at modest speed until the rudder takes over. If I recollect correctly, Aerosoft's "workaround" with their FSX Airbus (using the throttle #3 axis as a tiller axis somehow) gives correct animations & pedal nws limits when appropriate. (?) I have no direct knowledge of the FSL or other PMDG etc. aircraft. I have asked PMDG for their advice in this. In the meantime, apart from thinking there needs to be 3 axis, tiller nws, pedal nws & rudder (aerodynamic) control .... with appropriate blending & limits, the remaining question becomes whether one can / could set a key to toggle the tiller axis off & on for the controls check.
  22. runway steering at low speeds (using limited pedal controlled nosewheel steering) is required as the rudder is ineffective for direction control until 30 or 40kts.... but then as you wrote, becomes effective at higher speed is the dominant / more effective control with bigger rudder deflections than 7o possible (& shortly after pedal & tiller nosewheel steering is disconnected as oleo pressure comes off the nosegear). The 7o limit is controlled via the nosegear hydraulics etc. somehow (in the real). using the tiller at these lower speed is not only a tad dangerous but with the PF's one hand on yoke, the other on throttle, the only z axis option is your feet (& not all 2 pilot aircraft have a tiller on the starboard side). 7o roughly speaking for cat C & above aircraft ...... which use the tiller with about 70-80o deflection on taxiways / lineup / turnbacks etc. sort of ......... with P3D43 steering (66818) set / rudder (65696) set with the ngx, I see diminished nosewheel deflection with speed) but increased rudder control and deflection (thru the pedals), it's just that at low speed the pedal steer deflects the nosewheel towards 70o (ie not limited to 7o). cheers john ps ..pete / thomas, thank you both for your thoughts in the above
  23. pete thanks ..... no expectations of special change but perhaps hoping now or soon there's an opportunity via simconnect to tweak the pedal nosewheel steering limit to 7o given my guess that P3D4's tiller & rudder axis are separate though blended at speed (?) cheers john
  24. pete I would like to ask if you have any "revisions" to your notes above following the update to P3D43 & fsupic5132 .... & in particular with a "favourite" (& I believe yours) the pmdg's ngx. In FSX & now P3D43, I've preferred to use "fsuipc direct to" for assigning a tiller (twist) axis on a LPro3D & the rudder to (Saitek) pedals along with MaxSteerSpeed=-60 .... but lament the "nuisance" of not seeing the correct animations inside (LDu Sys) & outside the aircraft for a controls check before taxi (turning the tiller moves the rudder !!). Assigning the sim's "Steering & Rudder Set" (with EventsViaCommands=No) in/with fsuipc calibration gives correct animations but with no pedal steering limits to 7o yet some blending at speed towards rudder control. Thus, I hope you may have some notes to help. Cheers, John
  25. vadriver

    fsuipc5 ... missing joystick

    pete thanks ... now for some profiles porting as I await the pmdg updates. cheers john

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