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  1. C2615

    Pax cabin

    🙄 I have over 70 FPS in VC when this aircraft is not powered up, and less than 30 after BATT1&2 cames on, so I bet deleting the PAX cabin wouldn't do much on that.
  2. Good to hear, but do it contain correct CoG and Trim setting for take-off now?
  3. Using left and right click like V2 won't work You have to use mouse wheel rotation to move these knobs I guess it's the problem, but not sure.
  4. I just got the new TCA throttle, for me to "feel right" on it's range for Boeings, I think I'll need about -6~ -8 of "Slope" on the fowared Response Curve. Also, on my one, the two lever are splited by quite some degree in the middle part of range (somewhere a little above where the CL detent be), so I'll need the Sync Pos to line them up. I Lined them up with "Sync Pos" first, then I added the Slope to Throttle1, it works good, but when I tried to change slope on Throttle2, it says it's been used by SyncPos. So I tried to use "Sync Pos",After the Throttle 1 have been sloped, bu
  5. E175 added as I just purchased it with recent sell, same set as before edited in OP. 175 is about 100kg short on TO weight for performance at same condition compare to 170, but given longer runway, it have more MTOW. And on short range, takes a little more fuel,but on longer range, it saves fuel. The LRC mach for E175 is dead on, unlike 170 and 190, I kind think feelther just use 175's LRC FMC for 170 as well ,not sure if it's ture on 195/190..... Still no E195 as lack of data then
  6. Any updates from freethere on this issue? Since it always send me 5 knts slower when set flaps for approach, it is now THE most annony issue when I fly this bird.
  7. Sorry for unable to make it more integrated... Actually you only need like L2,M4 ir L4,M2, as you can select different profile for Fuel and TO...
  8. Thanks for that, any plan for 190 then? I has tring to do that, but the problem is even if I fixed the CG, I still can't use DN1.5 trim for take off as charted in AOM, because the green band in gaugue.
  9. Happend to have this problem with FSUIPC6 when adding an new device, and one of my old one gone, tried this trick, and confirmed it still works!
  10. Not sure of 175/195, but 170 and 190 need a very serious change on [airplane_geometry] in aicraft.cfg to get the CG correct. Right now the E170's CG is at almost 0%, and E190 at 50%, totally unrealistic as the real craft it at around 25% (7-27 on 170 and 5-29 on 190) The green band of TO trim on 170 it ok, but on 190, it should from DN1.5 to UP4. But guess what, change things in [airplane_geometry] doesn't actually change any flight dynamics in game (per P3D's SDK doc, and my experience as well) So feelthere should just do it, and tweak the trim display on the gaugu
  11. But for VNKT's 5.31degree VOR Approcah you can't use flaps full because in case you go around...
  12. While one of the main fix from SP1 is that AT will not jump around and set way high when descending, on SP2 they seems too blunt to me? I just had a normal flight and leveled off before approaching (Ah, because the FMC still not understand the "ABOVE an altitude" restriction...), When I slowing down and extenting flaps. while in perfect level flight, the AT only start to react almost when actual speed are at the selected speed bug, and as the engine spoon up slowly, the actually speed droped below the selected speed for more than 5~8 knots, before the engine get up to rev and push the spe
  13. I don't have 195, the rotation on 170/190 is "controllable" but still feel odd. I think the underling problem is CG and Trim, For 190, the "Normal" CG for feelthere are around 40%~50%, while IRL the range is 5~29, and the trim for TO IRL is -0.5~3.5, but in game the green band is 2~4, and I can only guess where the trim should be, that will give odd rotation and initial climb behavior for sure.
  14. Back up so you know what's in your cfg and ini before, I'm note mean to replace them after update, but at least you have a refrence what to change.
  15. Just a warning, this will override all your settings and livery, make a backup of e170.ini, kbd.ini, and aircraft.cfg before update!
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