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  1. Not sure of 175/195, but 170 and 190 need a very serious change on [airplane_geometry] in aicraft.cfg to get the CG correct. Right now the E170's CG is at almost 0%, and E190 at 50%, totally unrealistic as the real craft it at around 25% (7-27 on 170 and 5-29 on 190) The green band of TO trim on 170 it ok, but on 190, it should from DN1.5 to UP4. But guess what, change things in [airplane_geometry] doesn't actually change any flight dynamics in game (per P3D's SDK doc, and my experience as well) So feelthere should just do it, and tweak the trim display on the gaugues, thus we can use the realworld data by weight and CG to get the proper trim for takeoff. As almost all other aircraft add-ons in the same price range(and even at half of this price) do.
  2. But for VNKT's 5.31degree VOR Approcah you can't use flaps full because in case you go around...
  3. While one of the main fix from SP1 is that AT will not jump around and set way high when descending, on SP2 they seems too blunt to me? I just had a normal flight and leveled off before approaching (Ah, because the FMC still not understand the "ABOVE an altitude" restriction...), When I slowing down and extenting flaps. while in perfect level flight, the AT only start to react almost when actual speed are at the selected speed bug, and as the engine spoon up slowly, the actually speed droped below the selected speed for more than 5~8 knots, before the engine get up to rev and push the speed back to selection, that's quite critical when slow for Flaps 3~4 and for final approach speed.
  4. I don't have 195, the rotation on 170/190 is "controllable" but still feel odd. I think the underling problem is CG and Trim, For 190, the "Normal" CG for feelthere are around 40%~50%, while IRL the range is 5~29, and the trim for TO IRL is -0.5~3.5, but in game the green band is 2~4, and I can only guess where the trim should be, that will give odd rotation and initial climb behavior for sure.
  5. Back up so you know what's in your cfg and ini before, I'm note mean to replace them after update, but at least you have a refrence what to change.
  6. Just a warning, this will override all your settings and livery, make a backup of e170.ini, kbd.ini, and aircraft.cfg before update!
  7. Looking forward to the asian contants!
  8. It does use some lvar for input as I did, I had put my partially working LINDA action.lua in LINDA forums on AVSIM, but seems it's not offically supported.
  9. Yeah, seems it's not feelthere related problem.
  10. This is hardly a bug report or a support request, I just want to share this experience with some tech issue in it, but anyone could explain this is welcome. However, If it happens again, I'll try to get more information and seek for help. ============================================================== Like all story, it starts as a routine flight, I plan a small hop from RJFF to RJKA with feelthere E170, after my previous 2 uneventful legs from RJCH-RJBE-RJFF in FSL319 and P3D restarted. My DP from RJFF is MORIO3, 2 rectangle right turn after taking off from RW34 to heading south. All preflight and take-off are normal, after takeoff, I manually fly though flaps retracted above 4000' (NADP1) and the first turn, then AP engaged in NAV and VNAV mode. The 2nd turn done by AP, while slightly over shoot, it's correcting, after the aircraft turning back to route it stating to capture back by a slight left turn, then, it seems the left turn can't be stoped, and the airplane is starting to deviate from route to the left. "OK, fine, some buggy NAV path from feelthere, fair enough, I have seen something like this even from PMDG", so I just switched to HDG mode and turn it back on course. Then seems the HDG didn't work, so natually, I disconnect the autopilot and roll my joystick to right. That when I realised the "*thigh* has hit the fan". it doesn't work. the autopilot was connected as FMA annoced, but my airplane refused to respond my right roll input. Now my airplane has leved off itself at bearing 056, still climbing with full throttle, and no responds to any of my stick and rudder input. Even the yoke in VC dosen't move with my joystick. "Emmmm, I have seen this." I have recalled my distant memory in FS9 with GA727 and a freeware KingairB300, "it must be the 'default AP' jamd on at TO/GA mode" Since the AP disconnect button on my joystick is mapped by Feelthere's loadmanager, I reach to the "Z" key, and "Shift+R" for autothrottle, after that, still nothing. TCS button? no help. Now I start worrying, I reach to FSUIPC and set my button to "AUTOPILOT_OFF",and "AP_master" , still, no control. I tried reengage and disengage E170's AP by mouse push few times, doen't work out. BTW I have checked my joystick input, they are all good. Now the airplane is rockting over FL250, on the puls side, it's flying level and stright with a little climb, at least not at risk for a while. While not think it's that well simulated, I reach the checklist, turn off the FCM button and pull disconnect handle, MFD shows my control surface is in direct mode or disonnected, but I can feel the AP is still actively controlling the airplane. The throttle is also jamed in full, I can bring them back by moving my throttle device, but as soon as there is no new input, it will shoot back to full. But for stick and rudder, not even a glitch. Now what, I just want my aircraft back, I disconned all electric, still, the AP is active with blank PFD/MFD! Still thinking it's the AP TOGA problem, I reach to the LINDA dev mode and try to send both AP_off control and directly change offset of 0x07VC and 0x080C, without any luck. also tried to send offeset command by FSUIPC button mapping, nothing. I tried to close some program like AIFlow/AIgroudn , Lorby flashlight and FSX2ACIM etc, see if it's them interfering some offset. but nothing. Now the aircraft steady at FL310 somehow, it has power to accelerate, the CRZ alt I set was 280, and the setting in AP panel is all over the place by now, the FL310 seems been choosen by itself. To avoide overspeed, I have to bring back throttle constantly, while trying anyway I could think to disconnect the AP. While all three trim is under my command, The AP can easily override all my trim input. even with the stabilizer full up or full down. Now I admit there would be no way I can disconnect the AP. I tried to figure out how could I land this thing before I ran out of fuel, which I didn't bring too much. Trim and differentia throttle would easily been canceled by flight control input, I can't even hold the throttle back to lower my alt, even if I tried hard and steadily stall my airplane, as soon as I give up, the AP will bring it back to FL310 I can lower the landing gear, that will give my in a steady near stall at FL310, but hardly loss any altitude. Speed brake won't work as engine is not in idle, and flaps won't go out anyway. While sort of cheating, I went to Failure menu and failed the control surface, that turns out to be a disaster, it also disabled all my trim input, so I have to turn them back. Fail the Hyd sys and Elec sys doesn't have any effect at all. BTW, when AP try to save the airplane from free fall, the control indication on MFD shows normal deflaction of control surface, without any aerodynamic effecet as they failed...seems feelthere only got it to show where the yoke is... Then I start to manipulation the AP panel, while I had ATT FAIL, miraculously, I can control AP pitch and throttle somehow. Roll, HDG and NAV still don't work, but I can now command a steady VS though E170's AP, and hold an inputted AT speed, while doing so, the yoke in VC and elevator indicator gose full up, but viewing from outside, the tailplane looks normal. seeme the default AP is still trying to command TOGA, but E170's AP can beat it somehow. If I disconnect E170's AP, the airplane will pitch up violently, then adjust to steady climb. Now I had some of my control back, actually, almost all the pitch control, I need to find somewhere to land. That's hard, After few more try, I can't figure out how to control my heading anyway.... I kind of regret I have full elec thus IRSs off, but concidering the heading isn't controlled at the very begining, that might not ge better. While ditch near the shore of Japan is a good choice in reallife or in XP, it's not an option in P3D then.... With low fuel and sun setting, I just went any flat(ish) land I can see. Flaps still not working with low sped and alt somehow, but I can slow to 150kts, I planned to grab the fire handle as soon as touch down, as the STRAT/STOP switch won't work in air in case of bancing , And sure, that's just a crash, only if I turned the "detect crash" on...... welcome to the Ryotsu island.... Yet, after Evec, the AP still hoding my yoke and throttle HARD ================== To find out why, I switched to default Braon58, it seems working fine without AP engeged what soever. Then I switch back to E170, in cold and dark mode, the Yoke now not firmly jamed, but jumping (flashing) back and froth from center to my Joystick position. that looks weried, but after I powered up, that glitch gone. Then I test fly with AP (but no time for MCDU route), and even deliberately inject the default TO/GA command via FSUIPC and LINDA, I can't reproduce the same phenomenon. For safety, I set the "autothrottle_takeoff_ga =" to 0 in aircraft.cfg, Feelthere's Ejet TOGA logic works fine without the default one. This is my personal experience with a "black swan" type emergency, No procedure could cover it, I tried to deal it with all my knowledge both inside and outside of aviation (actually, feels it's more about software stuff...). the outcome? not so good IMO.... I still think it's about Autopilot jamed at on, and with feelthere's Ejet, when AP is normally on, the joystick has no input effect, just as what happend in this scenario. But I just don't have the skill and time to go though all the debug procedure. And seems I might not be able to repreduce it (and actually, I hope not).
  11. Is there any information from FT on what's been working on the list after SP1?
  12. There are some Lvar you can use with FSUIPC, but I found it also not cover ALL input, you can search it in this forum For my MCP, 2 input : Mach/IAS changeover and FLCH must be done with keystoke config; one must be done with Lvar that's the speed FMS/MAN switch.. and 2 more simply can't be done as push HDG knob for sync and push Alt knob for meter reading....
  13. 2 problem there, and it still persists in V3 1. the "above" alt restriction will be interpret by FMS as "at", so if there are one point in STAR says above like FL100 while normal profile will go FL150, you'll get 5000 feet low. 2. in the AOM "found online" there are an deccent profile setting table, for weight like 70000lbs, the VPATH profile would be set at something 260/.65/3.5 (I write by memory so don'y quote that) rather than the default 290/.75/3.0, you need to set that in PREF INIT.
  14. I have done it with microsoft access (in office pack), its's not hard by just see some airport you know well and try to figure out what is what.
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