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  1. As long as the pilots don't slow down to a near stop on the runway after landing (like they do now) to view the lighting effects, keep 'em coming! 😀
  2. Talk to @WildCard, he may be able to hook you up. 😉
  3. He's stating the obvious ... that the GA file is a separate file. If he would have read the thread he'd see that you are adding touch and gos, stop and gos, etc. which can only be done in the GA file. * -- * comments removed as NOT appropriate for the forum's expectations for polite and welcoming communication. be nice! - Mods.
  4. That part of the description looks like a placeholder that missed receiving a final edit: "The airport has two runways, designated A and B. Runway A is 4,000m long and 60m wide, and can handle 135,000 flights a year." Runways designated as A and B? Is this real, what does this mean? Plus the longest runway is "only" 3360 meters.
  5. What mod are you talking about? What additional features?
  6. Steps 2 and 3 are only necessary if you don't have the current version of Real Traffic installed.
  7. Hopefully more than the 42 people that voted buy it. Otherwise, ND is only looking at about a $300 payday. 🤑
  8. @Toshi, don't have a cow man! I think you are overreacting quite a bit. i did provide a constructive response. There's nothing wrong with trying out different variations of the command and seeing what works for you. Some people like trying things out themselves and some people prefer to be given a possible solution. I didn't mean to insult you by thinking you might be in the former group versus the latter (like @EliGrim).
  9. In the post you quoted he says "this only works for arrivals". So, that would seem to indicate it doesn't work for pushback. Giving the entire route is not realistic at pushback, but it appears a lot of game players do it. You can always try adding edited commands yourself and see if you have any luck.
  10. Do you have a link to the video and the time the plane/livery you're talking about shows up?
  11. When I think "retro" this list is not what comes to mind, but I guess the people have spoken. Can all 42 who voted be considered internet influencers? 😀
  12. You're lost ... you need to post here: https://forum.simflight.com/forum/170-atc-simulators/
  13. Airports are always under construction or undergoing modernization programs. If FeelThere or Nyerges only chose airports where no work was being done all we would get is grass airstrips from airports out in the middle of nowhere. KMEM was released with major terminal work being done, EDDF is about to be released despite major work being done, and KLAX, KPHL, and KJFK all had major taxiways and other areas built that aren't in the game. KDFW is about to add a new terminal, runway, and taxiways. I'm sure there's more examples and none of this has stopped these airports from being released t
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