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  1. I have same problem. All pop out screens close with in seconds after opening them...
  2. I must have been confused when I read: FeelThere Ariel : Posted May 20 "Not a promise, but we are adding this to our wishlist. 🙂 " request for more commands Because this game sure could use more fidelity in the allowed communications among other things.
  3. Roger that, I just started ATC Joes schedules, so I've been completely carried away with the fact that there were FedEx planes across 25L 🙂 Does anyone know FeelThere's plans for upcoming updates to Tower3D? Next installment?
  4. Hi all, New here, and I've searched the threads and couldn't find anything regarding this topic. What are the possibilities of allowing the MOD community to provide custom models and textures for airports buildings/terminals/ and surrounding landscape? It could be fun to even recreate a retro timeline with PanAm liveries and the like. I purchased RealColor, and its great, but they come out blurry on my screen at max settings. I would really like to update the airport models. I have the game maxed out on graphics and it still very blocky and basic. When you get the special camera angl
  5. Yeah, gotta watch that runway separation!
  6. ATC Joe's Real Traffic LAX has the cargo terminal in action. Lots of added complexity!
  7. Funny how I read what Gazza was asking for completely different. Not a schedule that routes all traffic in the airport to 24R/L, but a schedule that removes all traffic from other runways in favor of just focusing on the real traffic that occurs in a given day for a specific set of runways. I imagine you could just cut that out of the data so that you only get arrivals and gate departures that end up on 24R/L. This would simulate being the N ramp/ground/Tower controller while ignoring south traffic
  8. Yeah I've been running a schedule from ATC Joe. It is out of control insane. I love it, but wish I could just focus on one controller's role where I could send planes off to North Ground freq and south Tower.
  9. Interesting idea Gazza, My dad is a United Pilot based out of LAX and so I've been interesting in doing a similar thing but for LAX South ground/Tower.
  10. I listen to Live KLAX ATC alot, and I normally hear them taxiing aircraft for departures east on Bravo to foxtrot for a lineup on 25R. Maybe this is a temporary runway assignment, as they've been doing runway repairs/construction lately. 25R was closed for a couple weeks and 25L was used for both inbound/outbound. I actually would play KLAX simulating this outage to see what that scenario was like. Arrival traffics would taxi West on Charlie towards Sierra. But real life Sierra has two lanes, North route, south route. So I tend to hear traffic going bothways there, and Romeo for south tra
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