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  1. axelsubo

    FPS after update

    I'm with you on the fact that I don't need it either, however there isn't an option to remove it unfortunately... Jeffrey in this thread is coming out with 2k cockpit textures rather than the default 4k ones though, which should give you a noticeable FPS boost
  2. axelsubo

    FPS after update

    Hey Jeffrey, This is what I ended up doing, and I did gain about 5 FPS on average in the virtual cockpit. I did however notice that my CPU usage is pretty low, but my GPU usage is pinned at 100%😳 I guess it's time to upgrade from my AMD RX570 with *only* 4GB of vram lol Thanks and can't wait for the 170/190! Axel
  3. axelsubo

    FPS after update

    Hey Jeffrey, I seem to be having a couple issues with the package as well, unfortunately... When I try to run the CMD file, I get a message saying that it is the e-jets folder, however folder access is denied: This makes sense, as this happens with all things I try to modify in my sim's root folder (it's in the program files folder). Then however, when I try to run the CMD file as an administrator, the file seems to think I somehow changed what folder it's in and doesn't think it's in the E175 folder... As you can see, I do have the 175.air file there and do have the textures and the CMD file in the correct location... Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks! Axel
  4. axelsubo

    FPS after update

    Thanks a lot for your hard work and dedication Jeffrey!!
  5. axelsubo

    FPS after update

    Hmmmm, maybe some optimization could happen in a hotfix in the future?👀
  6. axelsubo

    FPS after update

    Hey Jeffrey, Great to see you're still working this 2k textures thing out, really can't wait as this will greatly increase my passion for flying this awesome aircraft! Axel
  7. axelsubo

    FPS after update

    Thanks for your hard work Jeff, if possible, it would be great to have a link to the 2K textures (with permission from FeelThere of course) when you are finished!
  8. That was what I was gonna consider lol, it's happened to me before
  9. Damn that looks amazing Jeffrey, really don't know how you do it lol
  10. Sometimes (it happens on other aircraft for me), I find myself having to switch to an outside view (perhaps left clicking as well) then back into cockpit view. If that does not work, my usual fix is to mute the sim then unmute it.
  11. That's a possibility. I, for one, was a little disappointed when I discovered that they had just copied over the entire aircraft's systems over when they had promised a completely revamped aircraft but oh well 😕
  12. I mean the only thing I see wrong is that the font is a little too bolded/blurry, a texture revamp would probably do the job (The textures are from like 2005)
  13. axelsubo


    The only main differences would probably be the visual exterior model, and the payloads... Otherwise all of them perform pretty much the same, I haven't noticed anything significantly different, unfortunately I impulse bought all 4 variants
  14. Can confirm it happens on every flight and every livery for the 170/175
  15. Use this version: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/39522-e-jets-speed-calculator/ works with the e-jets v3 as well. Basically an update of the one you're using now Also a 10* angle of attack on final is normal and has been confirmed by real pilots of the e-jets
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