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  1. Hi Ariel, I figured out that if thrust is set past the blue limiter during takeoff, that is when the perf init page gets wiped. I've tried multiple takeoff by setting the thrust past it, and it deleted the page. I've also tried multiple flight setting it just under the line and it kept the page
  2. I see that there are quite a few issues on the forum with the "PERF INIT" page, but I can't seem to find a solution to mine: When I apply takeoff thrust, I get an FMC message saying "VNAV Disconnect". So I go to check the PERF INIT page, and it erased all the data I inputted! Info: FS: FSX Stem Edition OS: Windows 7
  3. My FS version: FSX Steam (Bought the e-jets off the Steam Store) No specific route, they all don't have any SIDs or STARs EDIT: I fixed the issue after deleting the addon and reinstalling the newest AIRAC cycle, thanks
  4. Hello, I have noticed that whenever I try to find departures or arrivals for the E-Jets V2, I don't get any... Thigs I have tried: -Manually selecting path to install new AIRAC Cycle -Updating AIRAC Cycle Thanks
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