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  1. Hi John, honestly I haven't tried yet (but if you want I'll do some tests tomorrow). I stopped as soon as I found that something was wrong. I will be waiting patiently for your final version. Thanks for your work.
  2. Hi, I followed the installation instructions perfectly. In the FSUIPC7 folder I copied the FSUIPC6.ini file (renamed FSUIPC7.ini) and the SimConnect.dll file found within the MSFS SDK installation. This is the current situation. After starting MSFS2020 I launch (as administrator) the FSUIPC7.exe file and from the screen that is shown it seems that everything is working. Unfortunately when I assign actions to the buttons (like the one in the previous image), it has no effect. Where am I wrong? Attach file FSUIPC7.ini and FSUIPC7.log -FSUIPC7.ini FSUIPC7.log Thanks.
  3. Thanks a lot John! I will do as you advised me.
  4. Hi John, so I advice you to make backups of the Modules folder and then delete it from the root of P3Dv4.5? I understand, basically I have to do everything from the beginning 🙂 Apart jokes, the Lua folder and the .lua files can I simply copy and paste them into the new Modules folder? Thanks.
  5. Hi, today I have to replace my old Thrustmaster T. Flight Hotas One (device with only one USB plug) with my new Logitech G X56 hotas (device with two USB plugs). Also, I purchased FSUIPC 6 a few days ago (I currently use the registered version of FSUIPC 5) and would like to use it. Would you be kind enough to recommend the correct procedure to make these replacements? Do I need to save some FSUIPC 5 settings? Any suggestions on using my new Logitech G X56 hotas device with FSUIPC 6? My current configuration: Windows 10 64 bit, P3Dv4.5HF3 (no intention of upgrading to version 5). Thanks.
  6. Thanks John, all clear (I hope). Just one last question: currently my installed version (P3Dv4.5) is 5.151. The latest version is 5.155. Are the instructions you wrote to me even if I install the latest version instead of the currently installed version? Thank you.
  7. Hi, I have to format my PC and I would absolutely not want to lose the settings saved in FSUIPC5 (registered). What is the correct procedure? Thanks.
  8. Hi, I recently purchased the FSLabs A320 and, as I did with the MD-82 (Maddog X), I created a new profile for this new airplane. The only problem I'm having is assigning a button on my HOTAS to the Spoiler Arm Toggle function. In the MD-82 it works fine: I press the button and the spoilers arm; I press the button again and the spoilers disarm. With the FSLabs A320, however, all this does not work: I press the button and the spoilers arm; I press it again and ... nothing happens. Can I have help to solve the problem? Thank you.
  9. Hi, I would like to decrease with FSUIPC the sensitivity of the steering rudder, set with FSUIPC as axis on the joystick handle. Currently, in fact, small displacements of the axis correspond to considerable displacements of the rudder. How can I do it? I would also like to dedicate a button to my joystich (the one in the figure of my T.Flight Hotas One) to put both the autopilot and the autothrottle off simultaneously. The aircraft manufacturer has released a pdf file listing a multitude of commands with their respective DEC and HEX codes. Can you explain how, with FSUIPC, can I use these codes to reach the goal? Thanks. Commands_1.1.0.pdf
  10. The corrections I refer to concern the direction of the aircraft (jet). Even if perfectly aligned, I have to work constantly on the rudder. Attached is the entire thread that talks about calibrating the throttle axis. FSUIPC.pdf
  11. No, it is not a propeller aircraft, but a jet (A320, MD 82). I read here: https://www.flythemaddog.com/forum/index.php?/topic/10903-plane-landing-problem-goes-on-one-side/
  12. Hi, I was trying to figure out why the plane has difficulty going straight (not just during take-off but also during the taxi). I have to continually make small corrections, which are minimal during the taxi phase but which are really annoying during take-off. I read in the forums that the problem could be solved with a proper calibration of the throttle axis, but I have no idea how to do it. Can I have your help? Thank you.
  13. Hi, recently I had a problem with ProAtc X and the moderator of their forum, among other things, noticed that in the log file there were thousands of lines (almost 4000) of this type: 2019.03.13-12:00:38 - - ComRadioUpdate: status=0; avmaster=1; activefrq=13220 2019.03.13-12:00:39 - - ComRadioUpdate: status=0; avmaster=1; activefrq=13220 2019.03.13-12:00:40 - - ComRadioUpdate: status=0; avmaster=1; activefrq=13220 2019.03.13-12:00:41 - - ComRadioUpdate: status=0; avmaster=1; activefrq=13220 2019.03.13-12:00:42 - - ComRadioUpdate: status=0; avmaster=1; activefrq=13220 2019.03.13-12:00:43 - - ComRadioUpdate: status=0; avmaster=1; activefrq=13220 2019.03.13-12:00:44 - - ComRadioUpdate: status=0; avmaster=1; activefrq=13220 2019.03.13-12:00:45 - - ComRadioUpdate: status=0; avmaster=1; activefrq=13220 2019.03.13-12:00:46 - - ComRadioUpdate: status=0; avmaster=1; activefrq=13220 2019.03.13-12:00:47 - - ComRadioUpdate: status=0; avmaster=1; activefrq=13220 2019.03.13-12:00:48 - - ComRadioUpdate: status=0; avmaster=1; activefrq=12780 2019.03.13-12:00:49 - - ComRadioUpdate: status=0; avmaster=1; activefrq=12780 2019.03.13-12:00:50 - - ComRadioUpdate: status=0; avmaster=1; activefrq=12780 2019.03.13-12:00:51 - - ComRadioUpdate: status=0; avmaster=1; activefrq=12780 etc... He wrote this to me: "Looks like a switch / Joystick button is signing all the time the active frequency."; advised me to ask for help here on your forum, because I told him that I set all the axes and buttons of my joy with FSUIPC. But I'm sure I've never set any buttons that had anything to do with radios. What could be the problem? Thanks for your help.
  14. Hi everyone, I wrote a question in the Aerosoft forum and they answered me this way: "turn off the internal view system of the Airbus via the options in MCDU3." I believe they referred to these options: Regarding these options, the manual says: "VIEW SYSTEM: You open the view bar by clicking the gray triangle in the upper right or left) corner If you do not like this, you can use the other viewing system". It looks perfect, right? But no. Even if the "VIEW SYSTEM" option is set to OFF, the F11 key continues to be assigned to "PEDESTAL VIEW". I had thought about buying a third-party addon for the views (for example ChasePlane), but I'm afraid I would not solve anything, since the aircraft.cfg file continues to predominate over everything. I'm right?
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