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  1. Announcing MyTraffic Professional 5.4a

    Congrats Burkhard. I posted the news on Computer Pilot's new website, my new FS home ;-) Especially the shipping AI is very interesting !! Thanks !!
  2. Compil "bgl" issue

    LOL ! 'We' seem to have solved it. Thanks Jaap !
  3. Compil "bgl" issue

    I'll be happy to try and get it changed. But I didn't make it, it is a freeware addition made by Jaap van Hees and I have no clue on what to change... yet. But, just chatting with Ian and he offered to change it for me... so it will be done. Thanks Ian !!! :smile:
  4. WIN-XP and WIN-7 and WIDEFS.

    Ronald, I am referring to the fact that you should ask in the FSUIPC forum of Pete Dowson. He's the expert on these things. That forum can be found further down the list here... but here's the direct link: viewforum.php?f=54
  5. WIN-XP and WIN-7 and WIDEFS.

    Yes, Pete. In his own, dedicated forum, look further down in this list :wink:
  6. problem with FSPS multicore environment

    Yes, the programmer of said product. You'll find his support forum here: viewforum.php?f=278&start=0
  7. auto pilot controls

    Version 4.xxx of WHAT, I wonder? If you're not more specific (OR post in the proper forum) I doubt you'll get the proper answers. :wink:
  8. fsuip wide and matrox

    {moved to the correct forum}
  9. FSUIPC Error detected

    {Moved to the Support Forum}
  10. Loading FSC

    [moved to the proper forum now]
  11. Loading FSC

  12. Please post in the appropriate forum. I moved it for you this time..... F.
  13. Total Frustration

    I moved this to the proper forum for ya :wink:
  14. Key Stroke to mouse Interfacing

    And generally I MOVE posts about FSUIPC to the FSUIPC forum before Pete's answered them...... :lol: