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  1. Yeah I run it on windowed mode all the time Have I coded the script correctly though?
  2. Hey, I was hoping to get some further help with lua. Since ive discovered this functionality I have found myself setting up scripts for all sorts of useful things... I wanted to create script whereby, when the simulator pauses (particularly when PMDG auto pauses at TOD), the P3D window minimizes to taskbar. This way the GPU can power down to 0% usage, saving heat and electricity. This is what I have written so far: function minimize(event, param) ipc.display("Pause was toggled", 1, 15 ) ext.state("prepar3d.exe", EXT_MIN) end event.control(65794, "minimize") --pause on I have
  3. Thanks guys you've certainly helped. I've got it all working now @Baron - I put the purposely put the 'delay' parameter at zero so it wouldn't disappear. But i needed the text to be white, hence the 'colour' param = 1 This is my cleared up code, in case anyone needs an example function runMessage(event, param) local gnd = ipc.readSW(0x366) if (gnd == 0) then ipc.display("Landing Lights Toggled:\n message here xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...", 1, 0 ) return else return end end event.control(66059, "runMessage") -- lights on
  4. Hey guys, I need some help with my lua script which reads a FSUIPC offset. Its not working as intended and I'm not sure why Essential I need a message to be displayed when I switch the Landing Lights ON. But I only want this to happen when I am airborne, not on the ground. To check this I read the FSUIPC offset 0366 to see if the plane is airborne. However I must have coded the ipc.readSW(offset) incorrectly, because the wrong message is being displayed even when I am on the ground. Here is the code: function runMessage(event, param) local gnd = ipc.readSW(0366) if (gnd == 1
  5. Yeah you are right EGLL alone saturates the 130 limit so there are no aircraft anywhere else, though EGLL does look quite full. I will try and increase the upper limit and try... I only use MT6 as UT2 is not compatible with P3D v3.x, and have the slider set at 35% (which I read represent true world flights, and not include artificially injected flights) The only reason I champion such a great traffic deleting tool as yours is the impact AI traffic has on framerate, particularly at large airports and large cities. Without the limiter there would be near 350 AI traffic in the London ar
  6. It works well, I have the total set to 130 However I have noticed that the deletion of traffic at the preferred airports tends not to be randomly spread, but by distance... If I am at the Queens terminal @ EGLL (gate 200's) then the furthest reaches of Terminal 5 are usually empty whilst the rest of the airport is well populated Conversely if I am at Terminal 5/ or landing into 09L/R then the furthest reaches of Queens Terminal and T4 are quite empty... Just what I have noticed, my settings are: [Traffic Limiter] TrafficLimit=130 AirportPreference=60 GroundPreference=60
  7. Ah okay, well further testing shows the lights can be sporadic at times, and they come back after a while But regarding the traffic limiter: Is there any plans to add the option to preserve airport traffic departure and destination airports? It would be incredibly useful... Landing at EGLL isn't the same as departing from there... Maybe users can input the ICAOs manually or extract from the flight.pln file?? Cheers
  8. Thanks for the prompt reply, and clarification... Just to check - are you able to reproduce the problem, or is it just my system?
  9. I want to report a bug with FSUIPC version 4.962 on Prepar3D v3.4 + HF3 The traffic limiter option interferes with the external lights of the new PMDG 747 v3 How to reproduce: Make sure setting are set to display air traffic and the traffic limiter is set to off (i.e 0) Load up 747 sitting on a runway at any airport at night (I tested at EGLL) Turn on the landing lights Now open FSUIPC and set the traffic limit to a number instead of zero (I set it at 100) After clicking okay the landing-lights of the PMDG no longer illuminate the ground, even though the
  10. Dear Pete Thanks for adding this functionality. Im sorry this has been almost 2 years late. I had actually found a neat program that can make your keyboard into a joystick. This allowed me to use the left and right arrow keys as an "axis" that auto-centered if I released the keys. Therefore I got caught on this and never checked my original post. I appreciate your work however to implementing this. Ironically that "neat program" is no longer compatible with Win 10 and P3D v3, and unfortunately that brings me back to square one. This is probably the first time I've been back to this su
  11. Hi, I was wondering whether this was possible: Basically I wanted to know if I could assign my mouse yoke (X-axis) to control the rudder (and hence the steering) whilst holding down/pressing a specific key, much like the "space-bar" mouse look option. The reason being is that whilst the "auto-rudder" option does this to some extent, when taking off and travelling at speeds above 100 knots, the plane starts to bank when trying to keep it centre on the runway, because the inputs still go to the ailerons. I wanted to ask this here because I hope your FSUIPC module can offer this funti
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