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  1. Hi,

    the original i.e. P3Dv4.5 RWY is 13/31. Depending on when Drzezwiecki released/ last updated their product, you might not have the corrected 14/32 RWY.



    Boeing Field - Wikipedia

    Boeing Field, officially King County International Airport is a public airport owned and operated ... Boeing Field was Seattle's main passenger airport from its construction in 1928 until Seattle–Tacoma International ... The runway numbers were updated from 13/31 to 14/32 in August 2017, due to shifting magnetic headings.


  2. Hi,

    as John said please don't send keys public.

    I deleted your Key file.

    I also checked it but something is not matching. Did you copy and paste all parts as just typing gives often errors.

    Also John's example you have to use without "<" and ">"



    Name=your registration name
    Address=your registration email address
    FSUIPC=your 12 digit registration key


  3. Hi,

    it is very simple. When you define a function to the hat position, i.e. hat-up I defined the Num-8 key (view-up) and save. Open FSUIPC6.ini file and go to your new definition that should then look like (4= is the fourth definition here)

    4=PA,32,K104,8     -{Key press: Num8}-

    Now in case you want two definitions for the diagonal Hat-up/--right, switch number 33 for hat-diagonal then you add the following lines, where Num- 6 (view-right)

    5=PA,33,K104,8     -{Key press: Num8}-
    6=PA,33,K102,8     -{Key press: Num6}-

    Now when move the hat to diagonal up-right it will trigger both key-presses at the same time. Just use the key-presses you need instead.

    Then here to right (7) and diagonal right-down (8, 9)

    7=PA,34,K102,8     -{Key press: Num6}-
    8=PA,35,K102,8     -{Key press: Num6}-
    9=PA,35,K98,8     -{Key press: Num2}-

    . . .

    Make sure you DON'T re-use the same sequence number left of '='. I hope that makes it clear.


  4. Hi,

    the l/h numbers, left of '=', are generated with any button or key assignment. Just a sequence, not important for the function but needed to identify the function and next.

    So when you define buttons/ keys those numbers are the related to the number of definitions you have and in which order you defined them. You can ignore his numbers. At the time 3:19 his numbers 47 & 47 could be as well 20 & 21 in the upper position what has no effect to the result.


  5. Hi,

    FSUIPC6 installs where you told the installer to.

    To find the location if you don't remember or just pressed Ok is to open FSUIPC when P3D is running and go to Logging tab, in bottom center press the button Open Folder. It will open FSUIPC6 installation folder where all files are located in Explorer.

    You can also check the FSUIPCInstaller log file, located in the folder from where you did run the installer.


  6. Hi,

    you write a program that uses multiple WideClients with different classes and read/write values from/to offsets. That way you can control or sync settings (available ones via FSUIPC) on multiple FS. But you will not be able to sync constant smooth data as any processing of read/write belongs to one class at the time.

    The FSUIPCClient.dll by Paul Henty makes that very easy to use in .Net language, i.e. C#.

    FSUIPC Client DLL for .NET


  7. Hi,

    yes for Prepar3Dv4/v5 you will have to buy a new registration key for FSUIPC6. You only need to buy a registration Key for FSUIPC6 in you case.

    Please note if you have already a registration Key for WideServer7 (for FSUIPC4) that will work as well for FSUIPC6 and doesn't need to be re-bought.


  8. Hi,

    in case you use an add-on AC those controls don't work.

    In case of A320 they have an auto retraction/extraction depending on blow out speed and as well for Flaps 1 = Slats + flaps 1(auto) with speed limit 210 I think. That means FSLabs have their own logic build in and so you will have to use their SDK controls or L:vars.


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