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  1. Dear Folks, We are re-designing the default, fantasy liveries for the next Tower!XX version. Would you be interested to see them as they become available? Stay safe Vic
  2. Not until we get to the point of testing it. Once we do and we need more information we will let you know.
  3. Noted. Thank you Vic
  4. The HUD is a mistake in the manual. Can you please tell me where did you see it in the manual? Is it the one that is online? Thank you Vic
  5. Sorry Folks, it was our mistake. We released the product accidentally sooner on our website than it was ready. It's due a bit later (hopefully in the next few hours). Sorry!!! Vic
  6. Hi Michael, Please install the SP instead of the hotfix. As you can see on many screenshot this is not an issue with the plane, likely some wrong installation. Thank you Vic
  7. Thank you so much for the kind words and taking time for posting them! 🙂 Stay safe Vic
  8. If you purchased the EMB v2 from our website then the keycode should work.
  9. Dear Folks, Thank you for your patience. Now the Service Pack (SP1) is available for all customer. All you need to do is re-download the product from the same download link you've got when you purchased it (v3 only). The following issues, bugs, problems were addressed: -reworked flight dynamics to mimic the real plane even closer -new button and switch sounds -the PFD speed scale warning/caution colouring worked off the prediction line as opposed to the current IAS -when pressing "B" the QNH didn't change on the captain's side -no more "approaching minimums" on climb out -Anti Ice message on take off -on the status page the correct cargo door opens -changed AT responsiveness to match the real world AT even closer -APU fuel burn now is included in the Total Fuel Burn -FD and Flight Patch vector; we changed the size and fixed the bank command -Flight Control page rudder graphical error -Flight control surfaces are moving now only when HYD is ON -waypoint sequencing on the MCDU when inserting/activating approaches -entering new SID or runway will no longer delete the flightplan -when building an INTC CRS the distance to runway no longer drops to zero -TO1 and TO2 adjustments -fixed the 190's FLEX temp -you can add more than 3 flightplans into the CustomDB folder now -When preview CDI is displayed, it no longer shows centered even though it should be offset to the appropriate side -L:EmbFms1OuterClick changes the range for both MFDs while L:EmbFms2OuterClick has no function -sequencing on final -climb speed restrictions -more in depth anti ice logic -trim setting indication color is now always green -the service door does not open with the main door anymore -correct flaps for the 170 and 175 -various external visual fixes -correct yokes, different for the captain and the FO Please DO NOT comment on this post, it will be removed. Thank you Vic & team
  10. Everything is posted on the product page. We only support the files that we posted on the product page. Vic
  11. The service door does not open since SP1
  12. I just double checked and it shouldn't be there. Please reinstall the product. Vic
  13. Dear Folks, The SP for the 175/195 has been released. The 170/190 will follow hopefully next week. You can re-download your product from the link you received during purchase. You will need to re-install the plane from scratch. Once the 170/190 is out we will release the list of fixed items in a more official announcement. Stay safe Vic
  14. Please re-read this post. We need ALL the information from you.
  15. Virago, First of all you hijacked this topic, next time start a new one please. "Remember me, the guy that jumped on you on facebook" Since you didn't offer even your first name, unfortunately I have no idea who you are and with all due respect I don't see what is this discussion is about. "Then your new game engine, real moving raindrops" Something like this? "Maybe in reply you could tell us how many of those you are implicating and how many you have already dismissed." This is likely won't happen and here are the reasons for that. First of all we have to sort out the requests. We have hundreds of them (we got emails too) and we have to delete the duplicates or similar reports at least to understand them all. Once it's done we will throw out that; unrealistic, unreasonable, simply too hard (I know it's sound rather a bad excuse but if a certain request would take us months to develop just to address a slight topic then it must go). Once is all done I'm sure we will still have dozens of these suggestions. Then we will group them by importance such as "must", "should", "if we can", "if suddenly a day is more than 24 hours and we got some extra time". We also set some internal timeline and try to add as many of these as possible. "Since you are no longer talking in the facebook group" I do, but I never have/never will do it daily 🙂 No offense, even my personal facebook is unchecked for days sometimes 🙂 Vic
  16. Hi Fred, Yes we did. The only problem is we need sector data and not airport data. Vic
  17. Are you trying the OMDB add on with Tower!3D or Tower!3D Pro?
  18. Dear Folks, We are keep searching for a solution for the traffic. The other option would be to release the product for a less price without support and let the community build sectors and schedule. Thank you Vic
  19. Neil, Unlikely. We always model real world. If it's not there today then it wont make Tower!3D either. Vic
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