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  1. @bingus I love your idea of adding some graphic information. I modified my code slightly to do just that (in ASCII😄) replace the bottom part of the code with the following snippet. for hour in 0..24 { let total = arrivals[hour] + departures[hour]; print!(" {:02} | {:03} | {:03} | {:03} |", hour, departures[hour], arrivals[hour], total); println!("{}", "#".repeat((total as usize + 4) / 5)); } The results look like this: Hour | Dep | Arr |Total| ------------------------- 00 | 005 | 005 | 010 |## 01 | 003 | 001 | 004 |# 02 | 001 | 000
  2. Python: https://www.python.org/downloads/ Rust: https://www.rust-lang.org/tools/install
  3. This is a short rust program to count the number of departing and arriving flights per hour in a specific airport. Use it by entering the airport code (KATL, LEBL etc.) as a parameter to the exe you created with cargo build Note that you may need to change the path variable to match your Tower3D install folder Also, some airports use a different name for the schedule file and the actual airport name inside that file. The code handles EDDM and LEBL (which I own). You may need to add others. use std::{env, process, fs}; fn main() { let args: Vec<String> = env::args(
  4. @EliGrim just checked it. It was already on
  5. So I tried all of the above and still get poor SR performance (I have a mile middle-eastern/Israeli accent). I managed to get a much better recognition by changing the airline name in the airlines.txt file to VOOLING instead of VIEWLING.
  6. I'm playing LEBL (Barcelona). Every other airplane is Vueling and for some reason I get ~50% speech recognition for this airline (I normally have >95% SR). What phonemes do you use to get good SR? Thanks, Amit
  7. I find this airport too buggy for my liking so I'll lay off it until it is more stable. Some A/C either do not push back or go crazy after they do. Yesterday I had a plane pushing back, back, back, until it reached the southern runway :( On average I have to delete one departing A/C in ten as they are stuck doing something strange. Such a shame as I really like the airlines and it's nice playing an airfield closer to home.
  8. I'm no 3D graphics expert, but my understanding is that zooming in would cull most of the polygons out of view and would actually result in improved performance, Perhaps the problem is that the level of details on the models is too low and would result in poor image if zoomed in further. Anyway, for those of us with a powerful gaming rig, a higher zoom setting or some form of slewing the camera would be nice. I'm a simpleton - I want eye candy in my games :) Amit
  9. Hi Kev, I probably wasn't clear enough. I've got 26 turned on but also have 17 and 27R on. Still traffic that should go to the other RWYs ends up going to 26. It's not really a minus - it makes the sim more interesting but I doubt that in real life ARRIVAL will assign the wrong RWY to an aircraft. Amit
  10. Could we get higher magnification ratio when zooming in? Or some other mechanism to closely focus on an airplane? The auto-camera is too distracting to use. Amit
  11. When I enable runway 26 at KPHL, I often get traffic that cannot actually land on that short runway and I need to vector it to another RWY. Is this a bug? The AC are turbo props that are "just" too big for the RWY. Amit
  12. Strange, I don't have that Font size selector in the STRIP panel (I do have it in other panels). Are you sure this is Tower 2011 and not Tracon 2012? Is it the standard version or the multiplayer one?
  13. I have a lot of features I'd love to see in Tower, but one that is really easy to implement and could really help me is the ability to re-size the flight strip fonts. This feature is available in Tracon 2012, so please migrate it to Tower 2011 as well. Amit
  14. I ran the tool again with 1200 flights. I believe it actually works well. Here are my observations: 1. The attached log shows some flights with "Out from app:". Are these dropped flights? 2. The TT: section for UTC 15:00 shows almost all the expected traffic. It does seem to start slow and then pick up the pace. So I simply wasn't patient enough. All in all, a very enjoyable experience. Thanks a lot! schedule.txt tower.zip
  15. I am attaching all the files except the afx one where I added the Cargo terminal Los_Angeles_Airport_terminal.txt airlines.txt airports.txt schedule.txt Amit
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