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  1. 1 hour ago, achilles1971 said:

    "bleak" to say the least...

    Sorry to hear that.  They either need to quit making them, or put their hearts back into.  EGLL was spectacular, but since them the new airports have really gone down hill.



  2. 1 hour ago, nrholland said:

    Thank you so much. It worked for me. Now I have the airport installed and have added the new real traffic to it. I don't know if we will have any more airports for version two. We'll enjoy all the ones we have until they come up with the next version.

    Glad it worked for you.  How do you like the airport.  From the video, it looks like a nice, complex taxiway layout, but it also seemed to have a rather bleak appearance (even by Tower 3D standards). It that how it comes across to you?



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  3. 1 hour ago, nrholland said:

    I have tried purchasing it as well as Real Color.  I can't do it.  It will do nothing when I press the button for it to add it to the cart.  I restarted my pc thinking that was the problem.  It didn't matter.  It still doesn't matter.  I tried testing it on other airports.  Nothing.  It won't let me add anything to the cart.  Hopefully they get this resolved fast.  I want to add Istanbul to my collection.  Thank you.

    Click the "add to cart" button one time, then look down in the lower right corner of the screen and you will see a shopping cart symbol; click on that and it will take you to checkout.  Very convoluted, but I guess that's how it works now.  Enjoy.



  4. The bigger question is where things stand with the next version of Tower!.  I would deduce that their relative silence in the last couple of months, combined with the slower pace of new DLC releases, means that they are "heads down" in the nitty gritty of completing it.  Time will tell, I supose, even if Vic does not 😉



  5. 52 minutes ago, WildCard said:

    Just tested the game and the website is still returning the correct response, so that is not what's messing up your menus.

    The only thing I can think of is that the game is getting some randomised input from a peripheral.
    This can happen due to low battery levels in a cordless device, I've had a cordless keyboard start randomly deleting things in windows explorer due to this.
    This can also happen due to wear and tear, I've had a mouse decide to randomly scroll up or down at different speeds, made reading any document or web page virtually impossible, and playing 3rd person games was... ahh... interesting. 🙂


    Thank you!!!  Problem solved in under 30 seconds.  My son has been plugging a Nintendo Pro Controller into the PC for his Steam games and leaving it there.  Unplugging it eliminated the issue.  Feels good to solve something so easily.  Glad I did not reinstall Windows.



  6. Well, the problem is back.  Same as before.  It affects the airport selection menu, and the start time selection.  Cannot think of anything I did differently that would explain why the problem disappeared for a day, and then reappeared.  If problems the website, as suggested above, are the issue, I guess that could explain it, though I do not grasp how the website configuration could affect menus in the game.  For now, I'm just leaving it set on EGLL, but changing the time is a pain.  Is anyone else experiencing this?  I do not see this in any other game or software that I use.



  7. In the below referenced post, EliGrim said he would consider adding EGLL to Schedule Builder if at least 11 people PM him (EliGrim) requesting this.  As  I said, he will consider it; it is not a promise.  Regardless, it is generous of him to even go that far, and if anyone else would like to see this happen, this is probably your only opportunity.  Some time ago, he posted that he would cease adding airports to the builder, with the possible exception of EHAM should that ever be added.  I brought up the idea to him of adding EGLL simply because this particular airport is so iconic to so many people, and it would really be nice to have a simple way to generate and customize schedules for it, especially with Schedule Builder's integration of Nyerges' Retro pack liveries.  Anyway, please let him know if you agree.



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  8. 8 hours ago, WildCard said:

    @Avwriter If you've been having problems with the game menu, then it was most likely caused by the feelThere website not being configured correctly as this directly interferes with the way the menu is rendered in the game. However, it looks like it is now giving the same response that it did before they moved websites, so it should be working correctly now.


    Interesting.  I would have never put that together.  Hopefully, its all over for good now.



  9. Okay, now the problem seems to have gone away.  I did not change anything that I am aware of, just left the computer running while doing other things.  Now I am back and everything is back to normal.  The only thing I can think of that is different is I cleared out some files from One Drive, but I do not see what that would have to do with TD!3.  No files there were related to it.  Weird.



  10. Well, I did not uninstall EGLL specifically, but I did uninstall Tower 3D Pro and moved the folders with the airports out of the T3D folder to my desktop temporarily.  Then I reinstalled T3DPro and ran it vanilla with no add-ons, and got the same result.  Then I moved the folders back in.  I after many attempts, I did manage to select EGLL, and play it; it worked fine; beautiful airport.  However, if I try to change airports, I basically just get a random one.  I can find no way to control it.  Very frustrating.  Starting to think I will have to reinstall Windows 10, but I really dread that.   Any ideas what could cause an effect like this?



  11. Something strange is going on with my PC and Tower!3D Pro.  I bought the new EGLL and installed it as usual.  Then I noticed that the desktop icon for it had disappeared (I do not recall if it was there immediately before installing, but It was definitely there the last time I ran the game a few days ago.  I thought that was strange, but moved on and launched Tower 3D Pro from the folder where it is installed.  It came up normally, but when I tried to select an airport, I am unable to.  The drop down list seems to flicker when I select it, and I end up with a random airport from near the top of the list, usually one of the default airports (definitely no way to get down to EGLL which I would very much like to do).  The runways selection also flickers when I click on it, but is not as bad and I am able to make selections.  The drop down menus at the top (like settings etc.) seem to work fine.  If I run the selected airport, it seems the game seems to work fine.  I tried uninstalling/reinstalling and still get the same thing.  Any ideas what's going on?  Never seen it in 2+ years of playing this game.  Other software on my machine seems to run fine.    I am running Win 10 on a PC that I bought about a month ago.  



  12. I know that you said you were done adding airports to Schedule Builder, but I was wondering if you might give consideration, in the spirit of the holidays, to adding the newly released EGLL.  I know it's not EHAM, but it is an airport that many here have been anticipating for years.  Either way, I very much appreciate you contribution to our hobby,  It has added much enjoyment.


    Best wishes,



  13. It has been inspiring to watch this site/app grow over the last several months.  Your contribution is a wonderful addition to Tower 3D, benefiting both the end users, and the developers as well (I am sure that quite a few of us will purchase the Retro Pack because you gave us an easy way to use it with every airport).  Thank you for this generous gift, and congratulations on reaching 1.0!



    Andrew Jones

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  14. 2 hours ago, crbascott said:

    Focusing on actual functionality should deliver plenty of eye candy including but not limited to:

    realistic views from the tower at all times of day and weather conditions (need to do something about those windows in the rain - remember they are angled for a reason) 


    the use of modern day equipment (need to send the current ADIRS, STRIP, and DBRITE to a historical museum).

    No arguments there at all.  I just meant that I would not want decorative eye candy to take away resources from the functional variety.



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