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  1. Me too - wife going to see a new charge on the card soon!
  2. So looking forward to pro version Will those voice options be available for mouse click options or short cut keying? Happy holidays to all
  3. FeelThere Team - thanks for a great start to an upgrade product Notice something different from 2011 that I was not sure if it was left off on purpose or a bug. The departure strips used to be updated with a check mark when clearing a plane for takeoff in 2011 but not doing that in Towre!3D (see attached screen shots)Was that on purpose? Also I'm hoping you plan on adding dual monitor functionality and short keys soon. That would be much appreciated game.log
  4. In what way? The only issues I have seen is planes not proceeding after issuing the continue taxi and length of time after issues cleared for takeoff
  5. Thanks for all the info Think I need a bigger Monitor (22" just not enough with all the screens LOL) I think Tower2011 used to show you the A/C gate when you right click on the a/c. Looks like Tower3d just gives you the possible terminal/s. Didn't seem to work when I tried with the A/c in the air. I'll try again. Tag position works fine - thanks Great tip! The taxi issue seems more related to landing a/c runway hold position. had to give two a/c last night three continue taxing instructions to get them moving. Have you noticed strange taxing speeds from time to time? Also think the cleared for takeoff and line up and wait planes seem to take longer then normal. have you noticed that too?
  6. Thanks Avwriter Found the dots for sizing just wasn't sure if there was a one click minimize option or not. I'll try number 2 again Also, In Tower 2011 you can select the a/c in DBRITE and ADIRS to move the tag position around. Really helpful when you adjust it for different runways like LAX 24L or 25R. Could not seem to do that in Tower 3D. is that function available?
  7. Hi All First, congrats to the Feel There team for getting the 3d version available. Hope some of you Tower3D simmers can address a few questions. Been working the tower 2011 for many years and there are a few function I cannot seem to do in Tower3D Since it only supports one monitor, is there a way to minimize and maximize the DBRITE, ADIRS and STRIP screens like in tower 2011? From what I can tell you do not know which terminal the lading plane is designated for until you give the to terminal command. Is there a list of terminal by airline for the base airline include in the product? Is there a way to select the landing plane and highlight the terminal location they are designated for? Had several planes get stuck at LAX where after commanding to taxi to terminal and then continue taxing at a runway intersection it would not move. Have others experienced this strange occurrence? How do you keep them moving? Any other game tips you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the update Found answers to some of the functions but few I have not figured out I'll post those under another post
  9. Little confused Bought Tower3D tis last weekend and received the SP version from BMT Does that include this fix?
  10. plated Tower 2011 for years and just bought Tower 3D Is there a manual for tower 3D - struggling with the zooming and position options
  11. All, Been playing around with LAX and Schedule Creator V17 Noticed in the Tower.log some entries marked: Airplane dropped, no declared terminal Looks like all the carriers have a terminal designated in Los_Angeles_Airport_terminal.txt so not sure what it means Any idea?
  12. Hi All, Just started playing Tower 2011 again after several years. Wanted to use the current schedule creator shown in the forum I know I purchased and at one time believe installed Nyerges Real Traffic Trying to avoid completely reinstalling everything How do I know if Real Traffic is installed already?
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