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Squawkbox and transponder

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Hi all,

I'd like to build my own cockpit and already planned every hardware requested but i really have problems with squawbox transponder.

I managed to change Teamspeak channels by tuning the correct COM frequency in FS trough a small software, so no more need to change ATC from squawbox.

The problem is for "C mode", "standby" and "ident" button when requested from ATC, from the moment i can change them ONLY from squawkbox.

Is there a way to assign some external keys trough WideFS ( I run Squawkbox on a client PC) to control the transponder state in squawkbox ?

It's really not nice to have all controls managed by cockpit hardware but setting transponder on/off with a mouse :-)

Thanks in advance for reply


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Is there a way to assign some external keys trough WideFS ( I run Squawkbox on a client PC) to control the transponder state in squawkbox ?

If it accepts keystrokes for these selections then you can program "KeySend" parameters in FSUIPC on the Server, in either the Keys or Buttons pages, and edit the WideClient.ini file on the Client PC to send the appropriate keystrokes direct to SB upon receiving the appropriately numbered KeySend commands.

If you make WideClient load SB in the first place (and close it on terminating), then the keystrokes can be directed easily. Otherwise it can get messy using Class Names and so on to hit the correct window.

Hopefully the next version of SB will use mappings into FSUIPC offset space for such things. Then it gets a bit easier.



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Hi dylan...did u actually write the program for TS to run through change of frequency of com on FS ? I have goflight modules and its great but didnt know u can do this.. also i am using widefs and cant get it to recognise the option of sedning the command through FSUIPC (its for rw or avc..and not recognisable if have done the above I d greatly appreciate the help I am also doing the same thing and now am in the process of setting again the sbox and wide fs on a different pc in order to avoid such things ( i only use voice so...no use of SB )

since i am really not in programming if u could tell me what lines to put in config or wherever would really help me!!!

thanks in advance

Dimitris Pantoleon



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thanks a lot !!!! I ll try it as soon as possible!!

BTW did u manage to get to assign a button on your yoke or joystic for the client PC that runs teamspeak...

I tried..but failed...and I did everything Pete told me to do..on this thread


but eventually it didnt work...maybe ts doesnt recognise the keycode

any ideas on that department????

thanks again for fsts I ll let u know how it works out!!

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I realize this is an old topic, but can someone tell me how to get fsuipc to send a widefs client running squawkbox the transponder mode c, standby, and especially ident. I am using fsuipc 3.53 i think and squawkbox 3 on a seperate machine.


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