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Need Some Go Flight Help

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I have a registered version (3.201) of FSUIPC. I have two Go Flight modules, an RP48 and a GF-45.

My difficulty is having FSUIPC recognize any of the buttons in these modules, as joystick buttons. I have managed to map the Go Flight buttons to PMDG 737 MCP buttons (via the PMDG mapping), and I would like to try to map the rotary buttons as well.

I have read Peter's instructions:


"1. First, please make sure that your device, the one with the buttons, is plugged in and working BEFORE running Flight Simulator. The Windows joystick interface used by FSUIPC to scan the buttons will not recognise any devices that are plugged in after Flight Sim has started. I know USB is supposed to be “hot pluggable”, but this doesn’t seem to be the case with respect to running programs."


I have the GoFlight modules connected via USB ports and they are automatically activated as FS starts. I suspect that this is part of my difficulty. How can I start them in advance of FS as Perter's instructions indicate?

Thanks for any advice.


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Hi Roberto,

I know USB is supposed to be “hot pluggable”, but this doesn’t seem to be the case with respect to running programs.

What is meant here is that if you plug in your RP48 after FSUIPC has started or indeed any other program using the GFDEV.API, it will not be recognised.

GF Hardware is available to any program, once the device is connected *before* the program is started.

On startup, a program will search for plugged in GF modules and from that create a list. Then any configuration will be checked against this list and from then on, any button presses being received will be checked against that configuration. If you then plug in another device, the configuration will know nothing about it. ( I am assuming here that Pete does not trap the hot connect of GF devices, something which may be a great disservice to Pete-I think he might forgive me though :) )

The fact that your buttons are working, leads me to assume (maybe wrongly) that you are configuring something wrongly.

If I can be of further assistance please feel free to ask.


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Hello Ben:

Thanks for the very prompt response. Now I understand what Peter meant by "before" :-).

My difficulty still resides in my inability to make FSUIPC recognize any of the two GoFlight modules I have (RP-48 and GF-45).

When I enter the "Buttons" page, it does not recognize any of the Go Flight buttons, push or rotary. It does, however, recognize the buttons in the CH FlightSim Yoke that I have.

The Go Flight modules are recognized by FS, as I have mapped them to various controls and work fine. They are connected via a USB hub.

The yoke is connected via a "run of the mill" game port (it is an old one!)

As I use FS2004, I have checked the main folder of GoFlight and it does have a "GFdev2k4.dll" file. I have also downloaded a "GFdev.ddl" file and placed it in that folder as well.

I am sure that you are absolutely right, and that I am doing something absolutely wrong, but I really do not know what. I suspect that I might have created a conflict with my previous programming and mapping of the Go Flight modules, but I am at a loss as to how I can "undo" something like that.

Thank you for your interest and help.


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