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Garmin 295 with gpsout...wow

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I finally stepped up to the plate and got the hardware I needed to try gpsout with my Garmin 295...it works like a charm :D

I had some trouble initially because I didn't quite understand the instructions. Once I'd set the 295 to simulation mode and aviation mode for the input, it worked. Setting "sentences" to AV400 with no other protocols seems to be the way to go. Using others caused the GPS to crash after a minute or so.

Here's a pic of the 295 (on its yoke mount) and my TRC472 playing together. I've had the 295 for years and always wanted to get this going. Thanks for the module, Pete. Of course, the TRC472 is also heavily dependent on FSUIPC to run. I'm impressed :D


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Here's a pic of the 295 (on its yoke mount) and my TRC472 playing together.

That looks like a really neat setup! Must be real fun to fly! What do you do about the display of the scenery -- is that projected or do you have a big plasma screen?



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I use a projector that's up on a bookshelf behind my chair...lots more bang for the buck than a plasma screen. The image on the wall ends up about 9' wide. I turn off the FS panel, since it just gets in the way.


Adding the gps just put the finishing touch on things. I believe that TRC is working on one for the panel, but I don't really need it now :D

jwenting, on the SimKit site there are some pics of guys putting together sim cockpits in old planes. One is a MIG-21 and another is a Piper Arrow. I'm not sure I could fit that in my spare bedroom though :P

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I have been successful in interfacing the GPS from FS2002 into a

Skyforce Locator II. Likewise I found I needed the AV400 sentence and no other. Altough not as nice as a full colour GPS map, it is a nifty little device.

Peter, the Frasca simulator re-build is continuing slowly. I need to decide

when I think it is good enough for me to send another set of pictures.

I am feeling a bit humble seeing the pictures in this thread (I wish.....)



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