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Any special case for the ATC key???

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I had to re-install my OS and, not long after, FS9 from scratch again. Thanks for making FSUIPC easy to just copy over the old folder to the new. Anyway, one thing is holding me up from being fully back and I'm a bit confused by it.

I own a CH Products Yoke and I use the "trigger" button (button 2) on the right handle (just past the hat) to bring up the ATC window. I got this working in FSUIPC in the past to work for the default ATC and to work the microphone for VATSIM'ing. But for now I just want to get it working for the default ATC. I've checked the properties for it in the Control Panel and the OS is seeing it just fine. However, when I go and assign it in FS9, it doesn't work right. It only works once in a great while. I go in, click Assign, click the button, it shows up just fine but then in the game it isn't responsive at all.

This is odd because I also assign the W key to the similar button over on the left handle to toggle the panel and it works flawlessly.

Are you aware of anything that is getting in the way of the "`" key that makes it a special case? Should I just go back and let you handle it fully?

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Are you aware of anything that is getting in the way of the "`" key that makes it a special case?

No, all keypresses are equal as far as FSUIPC is concerned. It simple uses the "SendInput" API to send whatever you tell it.

Maybe it is to do with how long you keep it pressed, or maybe it's to do with the "hold" as opposed to "pulse" methods in FSUIPC -- I've found a bug in that option selection which I've fixed here ready for the next version (end of the week).

But for both "W" and the ATC control there are FS controls to do the job, which bypasses all that keyboard and assignments stuff, and which are much more reliable. I'd advise ALWAYS using a control, not a keypress, wherever possible. It's much more efficient too! After all, using a Keypress you are getting FS to look up its assignments table, and then sending itself the same FS control you could have chosen in FSUIPC in the first place! See?



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Sorry about the duplicate. I'm under the weather and my head just isn't right. I thought I posted a slightly varied version the the FS2004 group but clearly didn't.

As far as what happened, I have an idea. Remember, this is a re-install and I did just copy over your DLL, the config file and license. Thus, I suspect FSUIPC still had the old control in it but that it wasn't fully setup. So I'd go to set it up in FS9 and it would act oddly while "W", which was always controlled only by FS9, worked fine.

I just took away the assignment in FS9, told you to work it as you suggested and it's fine now.

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