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runtime error 380 invalid property value.

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Pete, I know this has nothing to do with your software however I hope you my have some insight to this error. Enrico and I have worked on this for several days and we are stumped. When i start PM PFD on my main pc i get to the splash screen then windows error box comes up with the error. this just started the last time I tried to run the PFD. it had run on this pc for years. I did not change any hardware or any new software as of late. Enrico sent me two new ver. of the PFD to try. The first one made no change, the second he had added more lines to the PFD log file and this allowed the PFD to load and run however on closing the PGM the error is there and I must click it to close and return to the desktop. In my research on the error I have learned this is a windows error and happens on many PGMs. the error seems to happen when the pgm is resizing or repositing a window ( i guess the window that PFD will load to) as a note this error also will not let PM Systems demo to load. The CDU an MCP both load and run ok....did I just answer my own question....PFD and PM Systems both use the opengl and the CDU and MCP don't...hummmm. a video card driver gone bad?? I don't know. any insight to this.. thanks, Ron.

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In my research on the error I have learned this is a windows error and happens on many PGMs.

Well, it isn't a Windows operating system error. These errors are all to do with the Visual Basic run-time library (which is huge of course and has thousands of errors, none of which seem to provide any useful information in their default reporting mode). I really do not know VB (and I don't like it so I'm not likely to find out much either), but I think VB programmers can include error trapping, in much the same way as I can in a C program, and actually extract more information. Perhaps Enrico hasn't done this yet?

I don't know. any insight to this.

Sorry, none at all. The best I could do is try to find "error 380" in my reference material. First off, under "run-time errors" I found this, which confirms what I said above:

Visual Basic run-time errors occur when an application attempts to perform an action that the system cannot execute.

The errors that Visual Basic .NET throws are Error objects. Visual Basic .NET can generate custom errors of any data type, including Error objects, by using the Throw statement. A program can display the error number and message of a caught Error to identify the error. If an error is not caught, the program ends.

Run-time errors can be trapped and examined by the code. By enclosing the code that produces the error in a Try block, any thrown error can be caught within a matching Catch block.

But that's the best I could do -- I couldn't find an actual list of error codes any where. And I don't know what "invalid property value" means -- I guess it's an incorrect parameter in some call, but I really can't get any further. A brief search on the 'net with Google seems to indicate that this error can mean almost anything, from a missing font to a screwed up file path -- it apparently simply means the program has called a library routine with a bad parameter.

The only way I can see of finding out more is to trap the error in the program, which is what I would do if it were mine -- these days both FSUIPC and WideFS have such traps in. I couldn't solve problems without them.



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Hi Ron,

Just a thought...could Windows Update have slipped a new system DLL in on you? If it's XP and you've got a restore point, you might try backing up and see if things improve. Windows update has caused grief before and if you're online and it's enabled, they can slip things in on you. I've seen it install DRM software, what appear to be programs to check that your Windows install is legal, etc. You might have a look at the SetupAPI log, too. It may or may not show something happening, it does normally seem to show Windows update activities, though.

- Bob

The StickWorks


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