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New ver. of FSUIPC

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To upgrade to the newer ver. will it automaticly remain a registered version, or is there an additional cost? Haven't seen anything posted about this.

Well, nothing should really need posting. As stated clearly in the documentation (and in one of the Announcements or "stickies" above), the registration is "for at least the life of FS2004 and any official updates provided I live that long". Since I also state, again in the announcements above, that I only support current or later versions (see the list of Supported versions), it is fairly explicit that the registrations cover all version 3 updates, and that, for support, you are really obliged to update, not discouraged. I would have problems trying to support old versions!

If you follow the Installation procedure in the documentation (that is, copy in the new FSUIPC.DLL to your FS Modules folder), then nothing else changes -- your registration, your options and settings, all remain intact. If you delete all the FSUIPC.* files then you would need to re-register (using the exact same details as originally), and you would too if you reformatted your disk, or re-installed Windows, or moved to a different PC. But the registration details remain the same. You only pay once.



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