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Hi Peter,

I have been using WideFS and FSUIPC to connect RCv3.1, FS Flightkeeper to FS9 in main computer. Worked great and gave me countless happy flying hours. Thanks for your excellent work !

We FS simmers never stop pursuing greater realism in our beloved hobby. Right ?I am considering adding more FS application programs, ActiveSky, Flight Deck Compansion...etc. But I apparently came across reading somewhere that WideFS and FSUIPC could only connect 3 programs. Is that true ? If so, any future development for more ?

I hope WideFS and FSUIPC could at least support 4 because we really need at least 3-4 programs to run FS9 : ATC, external weather, flight deck enhancement, flight keeping, etc.



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But I apparently came across reading somewhere that WideFS and FSUIPC could only connect 3 programs. Is that true ?

No, not at all true. Where did you come across that?

FSUIPC does keep track, for logging purposes and to speed up access permissions, of the most recent 128 internal connections (DLLs and GAUges), but neither it nor WideClient even keeps count of external processes accessing it. That is entirely irrelevant to the way it operates -- each process creates its own link and its own memory resources for the link, so it matters not a whit to FSUIPC/WideClient.

WideServer would get a bit confused if there are more than 32 client PCs connected to it. But that's the only limit I have, and even that could easily be extended if necessary, it's just that no one has formed a WideFS network that big (yet). The number of sockets open at any one time can reach 256 before it would crack, but most of those will be connections now gone and awaiting disconnection. Each Client PC would normally only use one of those sockets, and anyway I think Windows (Winsock) would run out of sockets first! ;-)



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