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CH Yoke, reverse thrust and gear

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I have recetly purchased a CH Yoke and would like to use lever 1 as gear up/down and lever 3 as thrust with a reverse thrust capabilty.

I know that both these aspirations are possible with the use of FSUIPC but I cannot figure how. Yes, I have read the manual (too clever for me) and yes I have searched this forum for relevant advice (which I have found and I cannot undertand it - too clever for me too)

So finally, I downloaded CH Manager and guess what, I cannot understand that program either.

So if anyone has an idiots' step by step guide to help me, I would appreciate it. My email address is below as well.



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I too would like to be able to have reverse thrust using the mixture lever - can anyone help please?

Does the mixture lever control the mixture in FS already? If so, and if you have a user-registered FSUIPC, simply go to the Joystick options, page through to find the Reverser, and calibrate it as described, step-by-step, in the FSUIPC user guide. (FSUIPC defaults to using the mixture axis for reverser in any case).

There's an option to do this only for jets, so you still can use it for mixture on props.

If your mixture lever isn't already working in FS you need to fix that first.



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