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No dll file

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when I download the 4.026 update and execute it creates a file and has no .dll file, sometimes a text file or two but no .dll file.

Does it run? When you say "a file", what do you mean? It creates several files, not "a file".

If it says it installed okay, then Windows has said it copied the DLL into the modules folder correctly. Do you see a Modules folder? The installer creates that too!

Are you sure you aren't running with Explorer set to "hide system files" or similar?

You don't really need to see it, but if you want to, make sure your Explorer options are correct.



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Pete it creates a modules folder and places no DLL file or text documents, also my explorer is set to show all files. No other fsuipc download has given me this problem. I tried 4.02 from Scriatti and it installed the DLL file and 2 text files in the modules folder it created.

Sorry Nick

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Hi Pete

I had the same today (never before).

1/ I installed FSX (RTM from Disc) new. Testet, all was running.

2/ Run FSUIPC installer (4.026). The Installer said all OK.

3/ Modules folder created, BUT no files.

4/ Run Installer again, Error message: FSUIPC4.dll is only readable ....

5/ I had a copie of Modules folder from previous installation and copied th files in the new "EMPTY" Modules folder.

But Windows is telling me ALL files are there ??

You see nothing in this Folder. So I overwrite the"EXISTING" files and all is working.

BUT the overwritten files are now highlighted with the "black clock" or something like that.

See the picture.


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I managed, eventually, to get this to happen with 4.026 here, but it isn't consistent. I don't know what is (or rather was) causing it, but please go get 4.03 now available above (and tomorrow from the Schiratti page I hope).

The code in the installer has changed quite a bit since 4.026 and i cannot make this problem occur any more. Please try it and let me know.



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