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4.15 problems..

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FSX hangs at the splash screen with 4.15 in the modules folder. I did remove the init file for a clean start. FSX starts fine without the dll.

There is no change whatsoever which could do that, not in FSUIPC itself. In fact FSUIPC isn't even running then. And you should never have to delete any INI file -- a "clean start" is a lot of work for those who use FSUIPC for calibrations, assignments, buttons and switches!

On each and every new update there are always several such reports, and they have, so far, all been down to the known SimConnect problems with security checks.

You are probably falling foul of the SimConnect problem with multiple clients. Was there a security prompt, or have you previously told Windows to accept all programs from me? What other SimConnect clients are you running?

If you cannot spot the problem I would need a lot more information:

1. Update state of FSX

2. Windows version

3. Install FSUIPC4 log from Modules folder

4. Any partial FSUIPC4. log (though there won't be a relevant one if FSUIPC isn't being loaded and the problem is, indeed, the SimConnect one already known about).

5. A SimConnect log -- see the FSX Help announcement above for how to get one of these.



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Thanks. I will do some local trouble shooting here. I am using Windows XP.

Meanwhile I'm cross-checking on some other FSX installations here, just in case ...


Do you have joysticks in FSX completely disabled?

I think I've reproduced a hang problem, not necessarily at the splash screen (but I suppose possibly so, depending on when the incident occurs) which seems to be related to a complete absence of FSX-assigned axes.

Still checking


Something else to try: set "AxisIntercepts=Yes" in the FSUIPC4.INI file. Add it if it isn't there. Let me know please.


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I found a stupid error in the "AxisIntercepts" logic which could cause a loop in some circumstances -- mainly because an axis value is being intercepted from SimConnect at one level and re-transmitted at a higher level.

It can be avoided by the "AxisIntercepts=Yes" parameter, but better to simply download 4.151 which I've will provide via the FSX downloads above as soon as I can sort it out and re-test.



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Hi Pete,

I am pretty sure I did assign the axis via FSUIPC. I normally do not as I use the PFC throttle quadrants via the PFC dll, but I had removed it trying to trouble shoot something else. Thanks again for looking at it.


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I double checked to make sure and the PFC dll is sitting on my desktop. :D I have been flying FS9 most of the time, but the last flight, I had to go through FSUIPC to get the throttle axis to work with the CH Yoke throttle.


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