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Help for retrieving FSUIPC version

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Hi there,

I would appreciate some help for retrieving the FSUIPC version. I am using .NET. Per th documentation, the FSUIPC version is in offset 3304 (length 4).

I am reading with a "Long" type variable in .NET, but from there, I do not know how to retrieve the FSUIPC number. How can I convert the contents of the HIWORD to get the version number? I read the number would have to be divided by 1000, but this doesn't give 3.75 (which is the version I am using).

I have also tried reading at 3306 with a "Short" type variable, but still I do not know how to convert what I read.

Any insight on this? Thanks!


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Thanks, that did the trick!! :)

A quick way of seeing exactly what is going on with any offset is to use FSInterrogate, the very tool provided for this. There you would clearly see in the Hexadecimal representation the "decimal" version number clearly.

Of course another tool to be used when developing programs is the IPC read/write logging built into FSUIPC, or even the monitoring facilities for specific locations.

I am continually amazed at how many folks struggle on to develop their program without using the tools provided.



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