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If I understand we can not do a left clic anywere on screen.

Do you? On flight sim, you can left or right click anywhere. What is it you want to do?

So several gauges buttons are not assignable to Buttons. Ex. RMI buttons in cesna.

Ermost add-on gauges and some default gauges have mouse-only functions, yes. The default RIM is one such. But yyou can use left click from the mouse. Inn fact that's all you can use, so I'm not sure how you say you cannot?

What iI mean ..It is not like K2mouse?

I assume you mean Luciano Napolitano's "Key3Mouse" program? What is not like it?

In recent versions of FSUIPC I've provided a facility to generate "mouse macros" to allow some (not all) mouse-controllable functions to be added to FSUIPC's control list, for assignment to keys or buttons. Have you looked at this?



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With a button , I would like to create a left clic event somwhere on the screen.

So you can control anything that use only mouse clic.

I don't know of any software which will do exactly that, not send a mouse click without previously moving the mouse to a given location. Though you could check Luciano Napolitano's "Key2mouse" to see if it has such a provision. I don't know. But if you are trying to do away with the mouse, how will you move it to the right position before the click?

For specific places on screen you would need Key2mouse. It allows you to assign a Key to a mouse. Then, in FSUIPC, or maybe your joystick driver, you can assign that keypress to a button.

FSUIPC's "mouse macro" options allow buttons or keys to operate some (not all) mouse-only functions without the screen being involved at all.



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