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Direct acces to "sub tabs"

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Hi Pete and others,

First of all a happy newyear to all of you :D

Using FS 9.1 - FSUIPC version 3853

I am using in the ini-file the folowing option :

MainMenu=FS&UIPC …

So i have direct acces to the FSUIPC-interface => about & register window (default)

However, is there a setting so i have direct acces to the [wind]-settings window (or any other) instead of using the standard windows command "Ctrl + tab" or "Ctrl + shft + tab" ?

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No. Not at present. What is the purpose?

I am flying online (IVAO) and use windsmooting to prevent sudden changes etc...

Now when appraoching the arrival airport i change these wind smootings to a value witch change wind faster so i have the correct wind when on final.

With a direct access to the wind tab i can do these changes a little bit faster (without "hanging" a few seconds with traffic behind me).

That's all. Nothing important. It was just an idea, nothing more. With the current situation i can handle the changes in less than 2 sec, so don't think this will be seen by other users ...

Thanks anyway...

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this is a standard feature in ASX (and prob the new ASA)

over a network (simconnect/FSX), I can set the

wind for destination airport /or anywhere/ to turn either specific direction or even directional spread, and even with a certain radius around the airport (like 10 or 80 miles) , from my notebook


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