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FSUIPC.bas for VB2008 ?

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Is there any VB2008 version of the FSUIPC.bas that makes it possible to connect to connect to FSUIPC via my VB2008 application?

I got a version that works for old VB6, but when i import it into VB2008 it stops working.

Please share the VB2008 version if you have! :wink:

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You could use my FSUIPC Client DLL for .NET languages. See the sticky at the top of this forum:


It has extensive documentation and sample projects for Visual Studio 2005 in C# and VB (I'm pretty sure it'll load into 2008).

If you're porting an exiting project and need the old 'procedural' style FSUIPC interface, then the current FSUIPC SDK has a zip in it called:

UIPC_SDK VB .Net Shell Revision 2.004

This contains a VB.NET project that can be used in a similar way to the old VB6 one. It works but it's not pretty.


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Paul, I used your marvellous dll for my va's application and we are still testing the app, I have one question:

I get about 40 offset values 10 times a second (thread sleep time is 100 within a do-loop process), I am using a powerful laptop and I dont feel any FPS drop, but somebody with a weak configuration reported that he loses FPS downto 1-2 from 15-20 when he starts the application. The program has 5 threads in total one of which is data picker from FSUIPC. There was only one guy who reported that. Do you think that connection via fsuipcclient can make such a big drop on FPS ?

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You'd be better off posting in Paul's own subforum (above: the one for the .NET DLL). I'm not sure how you (or the .NET DLL) are handling the requests, but provided the 40 requests are all sent by one Process call, that that's a pretty negligible load, especially at such a low rate as 10 per second.  There are plenty of FSUIPC clients doing a much larger batch of requests much more often, even up to 50 times per second.

Maybe he's running your application on the same PC as FS and that is either short of memory or the extra processing on the same processor is affecting performance.  There's no free lunch in computers. There's just so much power and memory available and when overloaded you are going to notice a degradation somewhere.




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