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Hello Mr Dowson,

a need again little bit of your time...

How can I assign views to joystick buttons?

I have three free buttons (e.g. 31,32,33)

I'd like to have the cockpit view at button 31, the chase (fixed observer) view at button 32 and tower or flyby at 33.

I have found the VIEW_VIRTUAL_COCKPIT_FORWARD, but I haven't found the commands for the other ones.

There's a offset with the number 8320 in the programmers guide, but I don't know how to use it exactly.

Seems not to be a big thing, but I'm not able to get what I want...

Thank you very much for your help!!!!

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Take a look at the page below and pay close attention to 'hotkeyselect', you can then assign buttons in FSUIPC to the functions View_camera_select_n, n = a number from 1 to 10

You will find that you can assign keys/buttons to these functions within FSX controls itself as well, but not all of them have keys assigned by default.


The page below is full of useful information how to add new camera views to the VC of FSX aircraft.


Also try playing with the keys F9, F10, F11 and F12, you will find these are already set to some of the views that you want I think.

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thanks Andy for answering,

some things work with your explanation.

But I can't find the tower view and the fly by view...

Maybe I'm to dumb to see it, but I would be very happy to get a hint how to programm this to views to my joystickbuttons....

thank you


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But I can't find the tower view and the fly by view...

If this is with FSX, then you need to determine the camera numbers from the CAMERAS.CFG file (in the same folder as your FSX.CFG file). For example:


Title = FlyBy

Guid = {6B79DD49-9B4A-439D-BF40-ACBF157B0BA0}

Description = This is the description of the fly by view.



Title = Nearest Tower

Guid = {60BC0819-BD04-4AF6-8954-8FC8AA3545FF}

Description = This is the description of the tower view.

But those and others doesn't have a "HotKeySelect=N" parameter, so there's no way of selecting it directly. I suggest you try adding such parameters, following on the numerical sequence (it looks like 1-4 are already used). Then you should be able to select them with the Camera selection controls.



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thanks for answering...

with the camera definitions I had just partial success.

But by accident I found a solution:

I have a Saitek X52 and wanted to have VC View, external view and tower view to the 3 step rotary button at the top right of the joystick.

At step one of the rotary is now Viwe Virtual Cokpit Forward

Step two is view camera select 3 (which is external cam)

And at step 3 of the rotary is Next View which is switching from external to tower view

And because the step two is always external view, step three must always be tower....

that is, what I wanted ;-)

Thanks very much for help and hints, also to Andy!

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Glad you got it working to your satisfaction, I bought an X52 Pro at the weekend because I wanted something a little more accurate than my Cyborg Evo Force, it was getting a bit slack around the centre (a bit like me ;)), and wow its really is a nice stick. I have opened it up already too because I didn't like the detent for the afterburner, it was way too stiff to overcome, the idle detent was fine though, but removing the AB detent meant that the Idle detent must go too unfortunately. Otherwise I am very happy indeed with X52 Pro and thoroughly recommend it, I got it in a sale for 30% off so it was a relative bargain too.

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Hi Andy,

I just can highly advice you not to install the Saitek drivers or software.

Everything can be done via FSUIPC.

The only disadvantage is that you can't use the NFD from the X52 Pro.

Or do you have "just" the X52?

But for MFD info you have the Combo Panel and all the other VRInsight stuff ;-)

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Actually I have the Saitek drivers and the SST software installed and have no problems at all, although I don't actually use the SST software for assigning functions. I've only used the X52 Pro with FS9, FSX and DCS Black Shark so far and its all worked fantastically especially in Black Shark.

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