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FSUIPC v4 and the XML file

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Tonight I opened a load manager for an add-on aircraft I had and it appears that my XML file is now corrupted.

None of my add-ons are showing other than the ezdoc camera, including FSUIPC. I noted on the Level D forum instructions and downloaded and ran FSXML,exe from Flight One. I can create a new XML file and I do get FSUIPC and the Level D airplane, however when trying to extract from my backed up XML file both FSUIPC and Level D do not work or show in the FSx add-on menu, even if they are the only items added back from the saved XML file.

Obviously I can start off with the newly created file with only FSUIPC and Level D, I know that works. Should I proceed to uninstall and reinstall all of my other add-ons that use the addon menu in FSX? What causes this corruption in the XML file anyway?

Thanks, Bruce.

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What causes this corruption in the XML file anyway?

It is usually either a poorly written Installer, which assumes no one else in the world uses the DLL.XML file and so just obliterates the rest, or a product supplied with a ready-made DLL.XML file which you are supposed to use to help edit one you have already, on the false assumption that everyone is competent to do that.

As Andy says, if you show us the file we can tell you how to fix it. If you cannot find a way to attach it, you can load it into an ordinary text editor, like Notepad (not Wordpad), then cut and paste it all into a message here.



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Thank Andy and Pete,

I've got to say- on a topic that is only marginally related to FSUIPC, this has the be the most responsive customer service I have seen, thanks guys.

I have attached the file that will not work, it's the result of importing the sections from the original file. if you need me to upload the actual original file (which FSXMS renamed), let me know.

Thanks again. By the way, the addon that caused this I believe was MadDog MD2006, when I opened the setup manager to change some sound levels. That's all I did since I last used FSX.

Thanks again, Bruce.


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