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ok the macro from guenseli seems to work only aded 1 or so. just have to test abit more then it would get online for the Goflight MCP.

just iritating that i could get the LUA working but luckely this macro does. as it is wired as same codes used in macro as LUA.

but where did you get those codes: ipc.control(66587,3921) i know some is in the pdf whit fsuipc but the other ? as that mabee could be useful to other add-ons where LUA also crash FS.

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nice to be back online as internet have been down yesterday but thanks, have tryeid download and follow the manual but i dont have the pro version but seems it isent needed but all in all could get it working.

but yesterday i found where they get the input from.inside \PMDG_JS4100\model.VC (pmdg_j41_interior.mdl) in there you can find the variables and lvars that dosent get in the log.

I got things working the other day just having some problems finding out how to get the lights on mcp to light at the right moment. and find a beter way as rotation buttons seem to be reversed when slow movement it rotates fast in the sim and the otherway for fast. but as i found the lvars for it i would try whit LUA again as the display updater is made as LUA and want to keep it the same way. insted of sayeing use this for this and than this.

try to keep it simple. so people could edit as required to get it fit whit there device.

pete could i rename the ipcready if you have more than 1 i mean as now i made 1 for airbus whit that name.

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Now it is online but whit out led light when the variables is on. have been working on it the last days but whit out luck as i could set a led, to turn on and off, but then it would light all the time as ap does becaus it runs for it self. tryeid to set it up by reading l vars and comands but then if ap fX turns off right after the led stil light up.

By the way this is a way for people whit GF mcp advanced as i cant say how Steve's tip works as i seems that only the mcp pro can be used, as in goflight.cfg there is not the menu that is need (“compatible add-on”)

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pete could i rename the ipcready if you have more than 1 i mean as now i made 1 for airbus whit that name.

No, only one "ipcready.lua" is read.

What you do is have the ipcReady.lua program simply contain lines like this:

ipc.runlua("name of first lua")

ipc.runlua("name of second lua")


and so on.

Then you save the Lua files uner whatever names you wish and simply add another "ipc.runlua" line to the ipcReady file.

The name can include a path, so you cvould also keep all those Lua files somewhere else, e.g. C:\MyLuas:




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