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fsuipc on remote PC

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I try to run the I/O for my simulator on a seperate PC and would like to interface to the FSX-PC via LAN. Is FSUIPC configurable for that?

Can i do it trough SimConnct or better with FSUIPC director can FSUIPC only work with local flightsim?

FSUIPC is an FS module. It loads into FS and becomes part of it. However, the interface which FSUIPC offers to local applications on the same PC as FS is extended to other PCs on a local network by WideFS.

I'm not sure which I/O ypu want to run on a separate PC, but I would advise against even trying it for your main flight controls (elevator, ailerons, rudder and toe brakes) because the extra latenbcy that imposes makes precise control more difficult and sometimes downright dangerous! For that reason WideFS only supports button and switch assignments on client PCs -- as well as any applications which interface to FS through FSUIPC.

With FSX, SimConnect can also provide an interface into FS across the Network. Some applications can make good use of this -- Active Sky (ASX or ASE) for example.



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I have FSUIPC and WideFS and I am wondering if you can confirm that I am not have to buy another more license of fsuipc if I am intend to run fsuipc in a second pc?

You can use FSUIPC on any PCs you own. It is licensed to the person, not the machine(s).

I can see that SimConnect can also be the link too FS as WideFS can be but what are the most stable ?

Both are "stable", but they aren't the same interface, so it depends what programs you are running -- FSUIPC clients or SimConnect clients!


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