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FSUIPC still crashes FS2004

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It was suggested to me that to prevent fs2004 crashing on window switch, I utilise the latest video drivers and DX, well done that. Exactly the same problem.

For whatever reason, there is obviously a compatibility issue with fs2004 and something will have to be done to sort it out, otherwise there is going to be a lot of people out there who just simply will not be able to run weather addons in FS9. This has implications not just for the author of FSUIPC, but also for anyone offering an addon that requires FSUIPC and window switch. In other words: no one is going to want payware that doesn't work. One might try something free even in the knowledge it might or might not work, but certainly nobody in their right mind pays money for software that doesn't work, or in this case crashes the sim altogether.

So unless FSUIPC is made to function reliably in FS9, things like FSMeteo, Activesky etc or anything else that rquires this dll will themselves be a waste of money.

Question is Mr Dowson: are you going to ensure your product is compatible for the 20 euros you ask?, or are you just going to blame someone/something else and say hard luck to most of us?


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It no accusation, what I see happening is factual and is not in dispute.

I am not in a minority with this problem. Check forums if you don't believe me.

My FSUIPC was free, as it is to anyone. Kindly get your facts straight first ok.

My point is: 'why would I purchase something which on demonstration shows incompatibility? Were you soft enough to do this ?

What you are suggesting is that the payware version does not have compatibility problems, I would have thought the FSUIPC author would have something to say about that remark.

Now, here's the interesting bit : since my 'one and only' post on this subject I have indeed found a cure for FSUIPC hanging the sim, I have had to do this myself ( last night infact) but because of you accusing me of trying to scrounge freebies over the heads of others I am not prepared to divulge the cure free of charge, I want 20 euro. I think that sounds fair enough. Were it not for your stupid comments, I would have gladly told anyone how to do it.

Perhaps try sticking to the facts and offering help, if you are unable to help, keep your stupid remarks to yourself.


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They won't need to, they can sort it for themselves just like I had to.

I suspect all these people with this black screen freeze have one thing in common, boy I am amazed how simple it was to solve this problem. It's funny how things can stare you in the face and you don't necessarily notice them.

All I will say is it's what some users are doing that FSUIPC does not necessarily like.

I will not say anymore on how to fix this problem since, most people on this forum yourself included have been downright nasty and unhelpful to me, showing nothing more than a 'mine's ok sod you' attitude toward this problem.

Quote: 'Do unto others as they would do unto you'

Now go ****yourself, horrible selfish bunch.

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Just to round off this rather unpleasant exchange with some possibly good news, those of you still bothering to read it this far, please now visit the IMPORTANT announcement.

Thanks to a recent hardware change, I have been able to reproduce the black window problems (though not any crashes as such) and I may, or may not, have found a work-around.



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