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I have set up a button screen in WideFS on a networked machine. Communication with FSX is there. The buttons are seen by FSUIPC and I have programmed a couple of controls in Airbus X Extended. So far, so good.


My problem is with buttons designated as toggles. When I press the button, the colour changes, as I imagine it should. But when I set up the button to toggle a control in FSUIPC, something a bit strange happens.


It requires 2 presses of the button to change the state of the control. 2 presses on and 2 presses off.


At first, I thought it was the nature of the Airbus X L:Vars. So I programmed a toggle button to turn the parking brake on and off. Airbus X uses the FSX control for the parking brake. I got the same result as if I did with the Airbus X L:Var.


When I set up the button as just a button, the control behaved as I thought it should. 1 press on and 1 press off.


There is obviously something wrong with my understanding of the nature of the toggle button for the button screen. Furthermore, it is probably something so basic, that I'll feel like a bit of an idiot when I realize what it is. The lua script for the action in question is below:


--External Power Toggle
if ipcPARAM == 3 then

    LVarSet = "L:AB_OVH_ELECEXT"
    intValue = 0
    if ipc.readLvar(LVarSet) == 0 then
    intValue = 1
    ipc.writeLvar(LVarSet, intValue)
    ipc.writeLvar("L:SmallOverheadPushButtons", 1)


I understand that Pete is away on vacation. If anyone can help me out with this in the meantime, it would be most appreciated.







To any and all that read this post. I did a search (after my post...duh) and saw another post that provided the answer. Please forgive the inconvenience.



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Hi, after you setup the WideFS Button Screen, how do you get the buttons on the screen to activate something? Do you have to use FSUIPC Buttons Tab to set the buttons? :???:


Yes, press each in turn and assign the action you want in FSUIPC. The button screen merely oerates FSUIPC's "virtual button" set, 288 buttons from joystick #64 to #72 (9 x 32 buttons).


The definitions in the WideClient INI file just provide the labels, colours etc.



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