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Tracon! 2012: Traffic departing from apts other then LAX not moving.


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  • your Operating system including 32 or 64 bit and the language: Win 7, 64, English
  • system memory: 8Gb
  • video card and it's memory: 512Mb
  • did you install openAL: Yes
  • did you install Speech and set it up as it described in the manual: Yes
  • if you report gameplay problems or possible conflicts please make sure to attach the tower.log file from the main Tower! 2011 folder: This is for Tracon 2012, so I assume this wold be the game.log file.

I have been troubleshooting this problem and here are my findings:

I found in the sectors folder that there was a file lax.cfg (in addition to lax.asx, mia.asx, las.asx). This was not causing problems with the "stock" install of Tracon! 2012, but when I installed Nyerges's Real Traffic for Tracon! 2012 all traffic departing from or arriving to other airports (in the LAX sector) other than KLAX would have a speed of zero and would not move. The other sectors (LAS and MIA) did not have any issues at all using the real traffic mod and they did NOT have a .cfg file associated with them.

So after more troubleshooting I ended up removing the lax.cfg file from the sectors folder and now everything seems to work fine.


So to reproduce this:

1) Install a fresh copy of Tracon! 2012

2) Check the sectors folder for the lax.cfg. For me It was there after I installed and before I ran the game.

3) Install Real Traffic for Tracon !2012

4) Run an ATC session using the LAX sector handling dep/app for airports other than KLAX.

5) The observed result should be zero airspeed indicated and the targets not moving. (KLAX will work fine, however).


The lax.cfg file seemed suspect since MIA and LAS did not have a config file of there own.

Maybe this is a residual test file that did not get removed before release?

I can send a fresh game.log and the lax.cfg file if needed.


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