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Tower 2011 & Tracon 2012. Adding New Aircraft


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I want to add the 787-8 to the aircraft list. In plane Editor I opened the Airplane editor and used the 767-300 as the basic for this. I changed the type & code to 788, also the length, T/O distance etc. then saved the file as 788.apx I used the 767-300 _generic.apt file as the default. Edited the schedule to test & run the program. The aircraft that I changed to a 788 showed up as UNKNOWN/H. What else needs to be done in the Plane Editor to make the program recognise the 788. The manual does not seem to be much help here.

Kev M

Brisbane Australia


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No!!   I didn't think of it until some time later. I have now entered it into the "airplanes.txt" files and it works after some fiddling around.

I try to write procedures as I go to help later when I need to repeat something several weeks or months later. Memory is not that good now. :cool:

What I can't figure out is the relationship between the info in the .apx file & the airplane.txt file & which info is displayed on the flight strips & used in the program.

Understanding this woukld help in making sure all info correlates and not havin to guess it so much when creating aircraft from existing info.


On another issue, how do I get the 20KB limit increased and the ability to add system information as in the old forum.


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This is kind of its own thing with the own aircraft.

I've also tried it first and it has UNKNOWN/H me, I tried something else and so I read it from the airplane out then there was in the tower as I wanted to have. A320-320-AIRBUS industry A320 NARROW - BODY JET then was the UNKNOWN disappeared suddenly. I also handle aircraft with colors. By each airline every airplane has its own color.

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