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Open and close Active Sky Next with FSUIPC

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I try to open and close Active Sky Next with FSUIPC like that :


RunIf1=Close,C:\Program Files (x86)\FSPS\FSX Fiber Accelerator\FSX Fiber Accelerator.exe


When I close FSX, I get this popup :


How to avoid this popup ?

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You can't avoid it, you are supposed to start ASN before FSX or P3D and close it after the simulators are exited. You get that warning because closing ASN before FS can cause problems with hangs, although to be honest that never seems to be an issue on my system.

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Thank you Andy. I understand there is no option to close ASN just after FSX is closed with FSUIPC [(Programs], instead of just before.


I use the keyword "KILL" for ASN, not "CLOSE", and I've never ever had any problem with that. It's the same as killing it via the Task Manager. It just means it probably won't save any options you changed in it during the session, but once you have all your options set up once and saved that won't matter..



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Isn't file corruption a potential issue when forcibly killing programs?


Only if it's writing a file at the time, and what file could it be writing? Weather for your next flight? ;-)


As I say, I've never had a problem and I've done it this way for all versions of AS over the years.



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With the way Windows is programmed, you're far more likely to kill the entire registry by simply doing something silly like "opening a file" than you are to damage a file by closing it unless, as Pete just said, you're writing the file at that time.


I'm always very wary of using "kill" for applications rather than "close", but have never yet had a problem doing it, either - ASN is one I've never tried, though, because I run it on a second PC.




Ian P.

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  • 10 months later...

Hello everybody,

sorry for opening this thread again, but I'm also using "kill" for ASN recently and have not encountered problems so far.

Still I would like to know if issues could rise up when the program is killed while downloading weather (ASN of course does this from time to time).

Did anyone of you already get problems using "kill" in combination with weather beeing downloaded or is this not a case of "writing the file"?

Kind regards,



And thanks for the advanced functions in FSUIPC, Pete!

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Well, actually I just tested the following:

I let ASN download weather data and closed FSX at the same time. ASN was "killed" by the command line within FSUIPC.INI while the message "downloading" was still shown in ASN.

Nothing bad happened and even after starting FSX again ASN just downloaded data normally without error messages. I checked this twice and everything seems to be OK.

I guess some of you know the message "wait for in-program-action to complete" (or something like this) when trying to close ASN manually while a weather data download is in progress. This message didn't show up in the situation described above, but that doesn't seem to be a problem.

So I guess I'm good to go :cool: !

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