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Invitation to Speak at FlightSimCon 2015

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Hi Pete,


Apologies for the public post but I wasn't sure how else to contact you and thought this forum might be the best place.


I'm working with the team at FlightSimCon to secure speakers and exhibitors for a 2015 flight simulation and aviation conference in Hartford, Connecticut, USA. FlightSimCon is an annual event that seeks to expand the use of desktop flight simulation on platforms like Microsoft Flight Simulator in the United States. There are several conferences and conventions that happen across Europe but to our knowledge FlightSimCon is the only one in the United States. Last year's event was hosted at the New England Air Museum and drew attendees from across North America. The conference hopes to dramatically scale up attendance to number in the hundreds this year.


FlightSimCon is a mix of conference and activity. The centrepiece of the conference was an interactive display of flight simulator. Exhibitors were setup alongside the main demonstration area, and breakout rooms were used for the many speakers at the event.




This is the conference's third year. Past events have featured "home cockpit builds" (which naturally make heavy use of FSUIPC). In fact, during last year's event, one of the attendees actually brought his entire home cockpit setup -- inside a full-size C172 fuselage -- to the event:




I'm writing to ask whether you would consider participating in the conference this year. As one of the most respected names in the flight simulation world, the conference would absolutely love to feature you as a speaker. I could imagine engaging discussions on any of several possible topcs including an overview of FSUIPC, recent developments with the software, some interesting uses of FSUIPC you've seen, your thoughts on the future of the FS franchise (e.g., P3D vs. Dovetail's new release), etc.


We have, in the past, had speakers participate remotely, hosting the session via Skype, with great success. I imagine given your location a similar setup would make the most sense.


Please let me know the best way we can discuss this possibility. I'm readily available by email at either contact@flightsimcon.com or evanr@bostonvirtualatc.com. I'm also happy to continue the discussion here.


For more information on FlightSimCon 2015, please visit the conference website at www.flightsimcon.com.


Thank you,


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Thank you very much for asking me. It is very much appreciated. However, I am very sorry but I must decline. I am really very much tied up with other activities these days, making the most of my old age, and furthermore gave up public speaking when I left employment way back in the late 70's.


Thank you again, and best wishes for your Convention.


Best Regards


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Thanks for the quick response Pete! I appreciate it.


If you change your mind at all, please don't hesitate to reach out. As it was last year, I have no doubt that FSUIPC will factor heavily into breakout rooms and discussions at the conference.

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